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Join us for our North Hills West Neighborhood Council Meeting on Thursday, October 21, 7pm.

We will have a presentation on vaccines and considering Community Impact Statements on a Street Racing Ordinance and the Californians for Community Planning Initiative, which would amend the state constitution to prohibit state control over local land use policies.

Join online:

or by phone: (669) 900-6833 and enter 979 3677 6899 and then press # to join.

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Hyperlinks for October 2021 Agenda

3. Announcements and Opening Comments – Carol N. Hart, President
This link works for all upcoming meetings:

Special Meeting – Presentation #3 of Draft Map: 10-13-21, Wednesday, 2021, (6PM)
Special Meeting – Presentation #4 of Draft Map: 10-16-21, Saturday, 2021, (10AM)
Special Meeting – Adoption of Final Map: 10-21-21, Thursday, 2021, (6PM)
Special Meeting – Adoption of Final Report: 10-28-21, Thursday, 2021, (6PM)

Call for Cool Blocks Leaders – sign up to work with program resources and funding to encourage neighborhood participation in learning about practices we can all take to help cool down our local communities – like planting City Plants shade trees to create cooler, more walkable neighborhoods. I don’t plan to spend a great deal of time on this. It’s going to be a 3 minute PSA. I’m including the information here and on the agenda for anyone who might be interested.

Info for screen sharing and posting on our website:

Cool Blocks Program Website in English and Spanish: general information, meeting dates, and sign ups are available on NCSA website:

Cool Blocks Program Meeting Dates in English and Spanish

Cool Blocks Program Video – Per video: “Learn about the Cool Block program, where neighbors gather block by block working to reduce carbon, conserve water, become disaster resilient, increase livability on their block, and empower others!”

Cohesive communities are safer and more resilient. This is a great opportunity to work together in small neighborhood groups to improve the quality of our lives now and in the years to come.

8. Previous Meeting Minutes – Discussion and possible action: Motion to approve any outstanding*Minutes (Note: September’s GBM Cancelled due to Holiday)

9. Previous Months’ MERs (Monthly Expenditure Reports) – Discussion and possible motion to approve outstanding* MERs

11. Moore Business Results Service Agreement Proposal
North Hills West Online Outreach Proposal 2021-0927

21. Council File 19-0603 motion calling for the creation of a feasibility study regarding the effects of expanding Fire District 1

Please review this Department of Building & Safety Report Relative To Expanding Fire District 1, California Department Of Forestry, Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zone, City High Wind Velocity Zone; CF 19-0603 – (Hart)

I’ll refer this to the PLUM Committee can review the information provided and come back with a recommendation for board action. At issue is Fire District 1 vs. existing Fire Safety Codes. By including this item now, I’m affording our board members and stakeholders ample opportunity to review this CF and the Community Impact Statements already submitted.

22. Council File 21-0975 Illegal Street Racing / Reckless Driving Exhibition / Spectator Gathering / Promotion / Facilitation – Discussion and possible motion to approve submission of a CIS in support of Council File motion by our Councilmember John Lee. The proposed ordinance will criminalize the promotion of illegal street races and side shows, making organizing, participating, promoting, and spectating in these dangerous events a misdemeanor. (Brown)

23. Californians for Community Planning Initiative – Shall NHWNC submit an open CIS letting City Council know that if they take a position on the initiative, we’d like them to endorse the effort to put this item on the November 2022 statewide ballot. (This initiative is a response to the passage of SB9 and SB10 which many perceive to be a threat to single family zoning in the State of California.) The initiative would amend the state constitution to prohibit state control over local land use policies. (Brown)

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