Neighborhood Council Planning & Land Use Committee Meeting

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Tuesday, October 18, 2016 from 6:00 – 8:00 pm


1. Welcome followed by Roll Call and announcement of quorum.

  1. GeneralPublicComments–2minutesperSpeaker
    The public may provide comments to the committee on non-agenda items within the Committee’s subject matter jurisdiction. However, please note that under the Brown Act, the committee is prevented from acting on the issue you bring to its attention until the matter is agendized for discussion at a future public meeting.
  2. DiscussionandpossibleactionregardingadraftoftheR1VariationZonesCodeAmendment proposed by the Dept. of Planning to create more tailored single family zones that may better account for the diversity of land use patterns and needs Citywide. The proposed amendments were initiated to implement the community’s choice of these new zones in specific areas Citywide and are limited to areas covered by Interim Control Ordinances (ICOs).
    1. TheseICOswerecreatedasastopmeasuretocontroloverbuildinginparticular communities, and are effective for two years. The creation of new zones was identified as one possible way to better tailor rules governing building size, scale, massing, etc.
    2. These amendments do not constitute a wholesale re-zoning of the single family areas Citywide. Communities outside of the ICO areas would have the opportunity to discuss selecting from these new zones during the Community Plan update process for their plan area.
  1. Discussion and possible action regarding the Committee’s position concerning a proposed housing project located at 8609 Haskell Ave. (Case# APCNV-2006-681-ZC). Housing project requires a re-zoning from RS to five R-1 lots, each consisting of a minimum of 5000 square feet. Presentation to be made by Chuck Francoeur of Montage Development, Inc.
  2. Discussion and possible action regarding the Committee’s position concerning a 2,240 S.F. Starbucks development with drive through services and outdoor seating operating from 4PM to 12AM. A new Starbucks pole sign will also be constructed on the NEC of Balboa and Lassen. Presentation to be made by Kelly Hayes of The Kaidence Group.
  3. Discussion and possible action regarding the Committee’s position concerning the proposed construction of a 5,077 S.F., 18-Bed Congregate Living Health Facility with 6 Parking Stalls located at 16052 W. Chase St. (Case# ENV-2016-3373-EAF & ZA-2016-3372-ZV). Facility would replace a 6-Bed CLHF on a 17,574.4 S.F. Lot in the RA-1 Zone. Presentation to be made by Ramon Bagio of Calabasas Design Group. A Zone Variance hearing has been scheduled through the City Planning Dept. for December 20, 2016 at Van Nuys City Hall.

RRZA-2007-4886-ZV-PA1 – Hauser Truck

  1. Discussion and possible action regarding Los Angeles Neighbors in Action v. City of Los Angeles regarding Second Dwelling Units (Council File: 16-0348). The proposed action would legalize Second Dwelling Units (Granny Flats) across the City to state standards, which allow for SDU’s of up to 1200 square feet with no minimum lot size requirement.
  2. Committee Member Comments (1 minute each)
  3. Requests For Future Agenda Items

10.Motion to Adjourn

The North Hills West Neighborhood Council Agenda is posted for public review
at the following North Hills West locations:
1. Uncle Joe’s Donuts – 8704 Woodley Avenue
and on our website at:

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