Neighborhood Team Program: Starting Your Neighborhood Watch Presentation

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One of the key components of The Neighborhood Team Program is Neighborhood Watch.
Existing Neighborhood Watch groups are engaged in their communities, keeping situational awareness and meeting with their Senior Lead Officers (SLOs) to keep up to date about community crime statistics and trends and to communicate with LAPD about any concerns they and their neighbors have.
Many Neighborhood Watch members are already leaders in their communities and some even use two-way radios to communicate.
LAPD is hosting a presentation on how to start your Neighborhood Watch group.
Wednesday, March 24th, 3pm-4pm
Ascot Hills Park Amphitheater
4371 Multnoma St., Los Angeles, 90032
Monthly Two-Way Radio Training
Wednesday, March 24th, 7:30pm-9:30pm
Two-way radio communication is a key part of our disaster preparedness and response plan.
To be able to talk to someone blocks or even miles away in real time when power is out and cellphones don’t work will save time, limit the need for runners to be sent blocks away, and possibly even lives.
It sounds simple: Push to talk, Release to listen.
But when it comes down to it, who are you talking to and what do you say?
This radio training will simulate passing radio traffic between teams in the field and the CERT Staging Area handling a Community Emergency Response Team response during a disaster.
We will utilize the LAFD CERT Zello Work Network to emulate a two-way radio on your smartphone.
This is a closed network where we create an account for you. You cannot use your personal account.
To request a LAFD CERT Zello Account,  Please sign up at:
We will begin at 7:30pm on Wednesday, March 24th, using Zoom as a virtual classroom and review basic radio protocol and how to compose and send a radio message. This portion of the training is open to everyone.
At approximately 8:00pm we will break into groups with facilitators and your facilitator will give you a scenario verbally. You will need to take notes and compose a message to report back to the CERT Staging Area using the Zello app Push to Talk Radio.
You must have the Zello app installed on your phone AND an LAFDCERT Zello Account created for you to participate in this portion of the training.
Please make sure you are logged in and can see our other accounts and channels before Wednesday.
Don’t try to sign up last minute.
Patrick Botz-Forbes
LAFD CERT Central Bureau Coordinator
Visit our LAFD CERT Coordinators YouTube Channel:
If you missed or want to re-watch our past trainings, please like, subscribe, and comment.
The Neighborhood Team Program (NTP) is a natural evolution of the Community Emergency Response Team training and fulfills the original intent of program’s designers.
If you live in Los Angeles and haven’t yet, please sign up at to ensure that you get emails focused toward our local team building efforts and so our Coordinators can reach out to you and let you know about your Neighborhood Team Planning Meetings.
If you live outside of the City of Los Angeles, please sign up at https://www.certvolunteer.orginstead.
If you don’t sign up, we won’t know where to find you. And while you’re at it, please encourage your neighbors to sign up as well.
Our goals with the Neighborhood Team Program are:
  1. To have a single place for community members to sign up to find out more about disaster preparedness (CERT training, Ready your LA Neighborhood / Map Your Neighborhood) and to put them in touch with their Battalion and Bureau Coordinators who will guide them along the process.
  2. To have a standardized city-wide plan members can follow in their neighborhoods so that Battalion Chiefs know what CERT / Neighborhood Emergency Response Teams will be doing at the block level and can write us into their disaster plans.
  3. To have a plan to get critical incidents from the block level up to the LAFD Battalion Command Posts via two-way radio when 9-1-1 is overloaded and cellphones don’t work.
  4. To drill the plan city-wide annually so that we know it works and adjust the plans accordingly.

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