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4th Saturday of every month

Hi NCEPA Representatives and Stakeholders,

I hope the week has started well for everyone.

Our next meeting will be Saturday October 22,  2022. As usual we will meet via Zoom between 10 and 12 noon. The log-in information is included here and on the attached agenda.

Link NCEPA Zoom

Meeting ID: 854 9706 7549   Passcode 069699

Using the phone dial 1-669-900-6833, enter 854 9706 7549, and Press #

You may also call in using the following phone numbers:

833-548-0282, 888-475-4499, 877-853-5257, 833-548-0276

Until we get together on Saturday, everyone please have a pleasant and safe rest of the week.


Commissioner Leonard Shaffer

Board of Neighborhood Commissioners


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