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Hi NCEPA Representatives and Stakeholders,

I hope everyone is having a good weekend,

Unfortunately, we have to cancel the July 27th meeting. The program that was to be presented next Saturday needs more work before going public. We decided it would be better to put it over to August and get it right rather than just get it out.

Our August meeting will be at the EOC downtown on Temple Street. For those who are interested there will be a tour of the facility.

I hope to see you all next month.

Commissioner Leonard Shaffer
Board of Neighborhood Commissioners


Hi All, so this is the beginning of the end
Or at least the end of a long drawn out multi-year project
These sort of things never really end – end
The project to produce a “product” that all Neighborhood Councils can use
To each implement their own NC proprietary Community Emergency Plan
For an example of a semi-finished product go to:
A skeleton bare bones fill in the blank template will be provided
During a dedicated workshop at the Neighborhood Council Congress on Sat Sept 28
In an editable doc format, links, possibly a thumb drive and a printed guide

Currently looks like we will have a full 90 minute workshop at the Congress

The other related workshop is looking to be a combined
RYLAN with a climate change focused presentation by Conrad
Essentially just insert your NC name where indicated, add your local Fire Station info,
Nearest LAPD Station, Hospital, Vet’s, Library’s, parks, all geographic items of pertinence
Checklist(s) will help to avoid forgetting anything
A section is on hazards, such as a refinery, toxic material recycling facilities, anything that might pose a risk following a disaster, including fire potential brush zones and coastlines.
All potential hazards will of course be magnified
by loss of electrical grid power & communications,
that of course obviously includes phones & computers
For future convenience a section is available to insert all local political information
Some info that covers everybody, like the Mayor, EMD, CERT, Red Cross, etc will be pre-populated in the template
As well as wide area sources of information, training and supplies, like SOS emergency products: https://www.sosproducts.comongoing HAM radio classes, specialized Emergency Preparedness sources of information, like:
Special sections for pets, youths, seniors, financial, security, etc
Provision is made for variety of maps that each NC would add for their specific area
A feature of this Congress workshop is for each NC to learn where to find
and how to add all this information into their local community Emergency Plan
That’s right
If you can update your FB, or check email, you can accomplish this for your NC area
In the meantime, if you would like to get a head start on this
Or are interested in getting prepared for yourself, your pets, neighbors, etc
Consider attending this and many other meetings, presentations and workshops
One of the best things you can do is learn about and implement MYN in you area(s):
Help is readily available to assist in doing so
For more information about this section please email Dave Brown,  at:
Begin forwarded message:
Hi NCEPA Representatives and Stakeholders
I hope this email finds you all well. It’s going to be hot this weekend, so make sure you and your pets have plenty of water.
Please save the date for our next meeting on Saturday July 27thin downtown LA. Depending on certain developments we may start the meeting earlier than usual to allow time for some very interesting speakers. I’ll have more about that in my next email.
Yesterday I attended a press conference withMayor Garcetti, Dr Lucy Jones and others at LAFD Station 88 in the Valley. (Yes, it was hot but thanks to our CERT volunteers there was plenty of cold water for everyone.) The subject of the day was emergency preparedness and how neighborhoods might come together to help one another. Dr Jones emphasized that in the event of a major disaster we must be prepared to work together at the neighborhood level. Aram Sahakian, GM of the Emergency Management Dept announced the rollout of a new Train the Trainer program for RYLAN. (Is all this starting to sound familiar? Like something we’ve been discussing?) The Mayor challenged NCs to get involved and to, essentially, be the boots on the ground for promoting EP.
We’ll be discussing this and more at the meeting on July 27th.
(re-scheduled to Saturday August 24th)
I hope to see many of you at the meeting
Commissioner Leonard Shaffer
Board of Neighborhood Commissioners

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