1. Roles of each Neighborhood Council (NC)

i. In order to help in the NC Budget Advocate process which creates an opportunity for NCs to present an annual list of priorities for the City Budget to the Mayor and Council, every NC is asked to elect or appoint two Neighborhood Council Budget Representatives (BRs). (Considering
that some NCs are still in the election process and are necessarily focused on the elections, remember that while it is recommended that BRs be board members, they do not have to be.)

ii.Every NC is asked to agendize at their monthly board meetings a report from their 2 BRs.

iii. Every NC is asked to have every board member (and all available stakeholders) to take the budget survey in the spring.

2. Roles of Neighborhood Council Budget Representatives (BRs)

i. BRs attend Mayor’s Community Budget Day on Saturday, Nov 17.

ii.BRs contact their Budget Advocate (BA) to receive updates to share at their monthly NC board meetings.

iii. BRs communicate their NC board’s priorities to their BAs.

iv. BRs attend Regional Budget Day in the spring.

3. Roles of Neighborhood Council Budget Advocates (BAs)

i. BAs solicit input from the BRs in their region.

ii.BAs send a monthly report to their BRs.

iii. BAs learn about budget basics.

iv. BAs help develop survey.

v. BAs attend Regional Budget Day.

vi. BAs communicate the NCs’ priorities at meeting with Mayor.

vii. BAs generally have a time commitment of two monthly meetings (as determined by BAs), periodic meetings with officials, meeting with Mayor in spring, possible efforts with City Council, follow-up meetings to set up next year

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