Next NC Emergency Preparedness Alliance Meeting Sat May 25th

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Hi NCEPA Representatives and Stakeholders,

I hope all is well with everyone and the wind is not causing you any troubles.

The NCEPA will not be meeting this month. We will be meeting again on Saturday May 25th.

The council file for the budget, 24-0600 will be posted soon. If the city is going to do more than just talk about preparedness and resiliency then it must properly fund the Emergency Management Dept that is tasked with coordinating the efforts of all the other city departments. I want to encourage all NCs to file the following CIS recommended by the NCEPA:

CF 24-0600

“Opposed unless amended.


The Emergency Management Department is focused on the need for further expansion of departmental priorities to address an increasing onslaught of emergencies requiring increasingly complex coordination, this can be accomplished by the addition of three new positions:

An additional executive-level capability in the form of a second Assistant General
Manager to adequately support the Department’s constantly increasing planning,
mitigation, response, and recovery operations while simultaneously ensuring that the
Department’s operational, strategic planning, policy, and administrative functions are
being effectively carried out is essential.

An additional Emergency Management Coordinator II will oversee a newly created
Resilience and Recovery Division, focused on addressing the needs of our City’s
most vulnerable residents (including individuals experiencing homelessness) before,
during, and in the aftermath of emergencies.

A Public Information Director II will be crucial addition to the City’s emergency management

organization. In the 23 years of the department’s existence, we have
minimized the importance of this aspect of the organization. While there is and has
been talented staff fulfilling this role, it has not been at the level needed to adequately
prepare this diverse and highly populous city.”

Please make your NC aware of this and ask that it be put on your NC’s agenda for consideration by the board.

I’ll see you at the next meeting in April. Until then everyone please stay safe.


Commissioner Leonard Shaffer

Board of Neighborhood Commissioners


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