Music Induced Hearing Disorders

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The Audio Engineering Society is pleased to present the 3rd International Conference on Music Induced Hearing Disorders, taking place June 20-22, 2018, at Columbia College, Chicago, IL.


Audiologists • Researchers
Sound Reinforcement Professionals

Learn from and connect with leaders in the field of hearing conservation

Keynote Address: “Music for Brain Health”
“Although it is all around us all of the time, we rarely give much thought to our invisible yet powerful companion, sound…Lack of exposure to meaningful sound and overexposure to meaningless sound blunts our brains and stunts our development. There are ways to capture the imprint that sounds leave on our nervous systems, empowering us to learn more and more about this invisible ally and enemy of brain health.”
Nina Kraus, PhD (Northwestern University)

Invited Speakers Include:
Marshall Chasin, AuD (Musicians’ Clinics of Canada)
Sharon Kujawa, PhD (Harvard Medical School)
Elizabeth Beach, PhD (National Acoustic Laboratories)
Cory Portnuff, AuD, PhD (University of Colorado, Denver School of Medicine)

Topics will include:
• Teaching strategies for hearing awareness and conservation.
• Safe and effective mixing of in-ear monitors for live performance.
• Monitoring and controlling consumer audio devices
• Strategies and technologies for safer long-term hearing outcomes
• Active and passive hearing protection devices
• Music versus noise as an exposure agent
• Temporary effects on hearing from music
sound exposure
• Hearing loss in the music industry
• Behavioral patterns of populations at risk

The adverse effects of excessive exposure to loud music are widely recognized and addressed in modern societies, yet there is a continued need for innovative solutions that may help prevent hearing damage, or compensate intelligently when the damage is done. The 3rd AES International Conference on Music Induced Hearing Disorders will focus on clarifying the issues and the progress towards addressing those issues.

Conference on Music Induced Hearing Disorders

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