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Introduction to Map Your Neighborhood (MYN)

Knowing what to do in the first hours after a disaster may help you save
a life, reduce injury, and decrease neighborhood damage.

In a disaster, your neighbors are your closest source of help.

1.  Learn the first 9 Steps to take immediately after a disaster to secure your home
and protect your neighborhood.

It is hard to think clearly following disaster.
These steps will help you quickly and safely do things that really help.

2.  Find out the skills and equipment each neighbor has that are useful after a disaster strikes.

Knowing which neighbors have supplies and skills aids your response
and allows everyone to help in a meaningful way.

3.  Create a Neighborhood Map showing the locations of:

Each natural gas meter and propane tank.

About 67% of house fires following disasters are caused by leaking gas.
Knowing where these meters are and shutting them off helps prevent fire.

Each neighbor who is elderly, disabled,  or homes where children may be alone at certain hours of the day.

Checking on neighbors prone to injury helps protect them.

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