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Neighborhood Councils in Los Angeles came about with the revision of the City Charter in 1999. Article IX, Section 901(c) of that Charter states that the Neighborhood Councils should come together as a Congress of Neighborhoods. Why a “Congress of Neighborhoods”? What did the members of the Revision Commission mean when they used that term? According to the members of the Revision Commission, it was envisioned that Neighborhood Councils would come together to communicate with one another and to discuss and decide major issues affecting the citizens of Los Angeles. The formation of the Congress was to be left up to the Neighborhood Councils themselves.

Now, that time has come! The Los Angeles Neighborhood Council Coalition is intended to enhance the ability of NCs, as well as their clout and influence, giving a larger voice on issues affecting more than one neighborhood. The Coalition is not intended to usurp or interfere with the role of an individual Neighborhood Council in their own neighborhood.

2015 Officers
Chair: Terrence Gomes
Vice-Chair: David Uebersax
Secretary: (vacant – could be YOU!)
Treasurer: Glenn Bailey

Next LANCC Meeting:
Saturday, July 3, 2021
10:00 am

This will be a virtual meeting held via Zoom which allows online and telephone access:

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Meeting ID: 998 8261 2542

The Quality of Life committee of the Mission Area Community Police Advisory Board has been working on solutions to illegal fireworks for some time. They provided 13 questions to be answered along with others by a panel of elected and staff from all levels of our local and state government. If you wish to stay informed on the QOL Committees progress or help work on solutions please send an email to noillegalfireworks@gmail.com
While the are very close to the 4th of July some of the questions may still lead to changes can have a immediate impact.

These are the 13 submitted questions:
Fireworks Questions
Submitted By
Quality of Life Committee of the Mission Area CPAB
• For CalFire: Please share a report of illegal fireworks siezures by departmet for all So Cal jurisdictions showing pounds seized by each department in each of the last five years.
• What would be required for the City of LA to cite and fine the owner of the property where illegal fireworks were being used? A so called “Social Host Ordinance.” Similar to the way parties in the Hollywood Hills are currently handheld. Examples would be Riverside County Contra Costa County, Folsom, San Diego. There are numerous examples to review.
• Is it feasible to write an ordinance to allow officers to impound vehicles used to illegally transport illegal fireworks?
• In all cases minimum fines need to be relative to the cost of enforcement and product profit in the case of sellers. We suggest $1,000 as a minimum starting fine with escalating amounts for repeat offenses for users and $5,000 for sellers. It appears clear that this be done by City ordinance.
• How long should it take to get the dead/impounded animals’ information (Motion was passed in March)? Is there a requirement to provide information requested by an action taken by City Council within a specified time frame?
• City Attorney Website, City Council websites say all fireworks are illegal in City of Los Angeles and to report to 311, why is there no dedicated “Illegal Fireworks” report selection?
• How quickly is a https://complaint.lacity.org/Complaint/fireworks/ fireworks report dispatched to police?
• How many fireworks possession/use related charges were filed in the past 5 years and what was the conviction rate and average penalty?
• How many fireworks sales/distribution/transportation related charges were filed in the past 5 years and what was the conviction rate and average penalty?
• What are the obstacles for establishing a buyback program and how can they be overcome? When will this report be available?
• Can the LAFD drones be used for fire prevention, and if that fails, suppression, by locating the source of illegal fireworks.
• What can be done to reduce the incidence of fireworks on Independence Day 2021. What can be done so quickly that some difference can be made?
• For each of the Panel Members: What needs to change to eliminate your most common obstacle to reducing the incidence of illegal fireworks.

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