Livable California Teleconference this Saturday 9/23/23 at 10 AM

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We will be having guest speaker, Marc Verville. He will give a presentation on the latest California population projections and how they differ from what was used in the massive sixth cycle state housing requirements.

You are welcome to bring issues of common interest and local concerns to the meeting to discuss and get advice from other members.

We just posted a news article on our website that should be of interest:

“Yimby Billionaires Unmasked with Proposal for New City” –  Linked Here

The Legislative Session is over. Livable California has looked at our positions for bills that are on the Governor’s desk to decide on letters asking the Governor to Sign or Veto. Those are tentatively listed below:

Ask Governor to Veto

  • AB 825 Bryan – Vehicles: bicycles on sidewalks.
  • AB 835 Lee – State Fire Marshal: building standards: single-exit, single stairway multiunit residential buildings.
  • AB 894 Friedman – Parking requirements: shared parking.
  • AB 1449 Alvarez – Affordable housing: California Environmental Quality Act: exemption.
  • AB 1485 Haney – Housing element: enforcement: Attorney General.
  • AB 1633 Ting – Housing Accountability Act: disapprovals: California Environmental Quality Act.
  • SB 4 Wiener – Planning and zoning: housing development: higher education institutions and religious institutions.
  • SB 423 Wiener – Land use: streamlined housing approvals: multifamily housing developments.
  • SB 684 Caballero – Land use: streamlined approval processes: development projects of 10 or fewer residential units on urban lots under 5 acres.

Ask Governor to Sign

  • AB 323 Holden – Density Bonus Law: purchase of density bonus units by nonprofit housing organizations: civil actions.
  • AB 309 Lee – Social housing.
  • AB 1319 Wicks – Bay Area Housing Finance Authority: housing revenue.
  • AB 1490 Lee – Affordable housing development projects: adaptive reuse.
  • AB 1508 Ramos – Department of Housing and Community Development: California Statewide Housing Plan.
  • SB 91 Umberg – California Environmental Quality Act: exemption: supportive and transitional housing: motel conversion.
  • SB 555 Wahab – Social Housing Act of 2023.
  • SB 593 Wiener – Redevelopment: successor agency debt: City and County of San Francisco.

We suggest you or your groups also write to the governor on any of the bills that are of concern to you. Letters can be sent to:

You can see the final status of all the bills we’ve followed this session here.

Help us continue to lobby for good bills and fight bad ones for you, while keeping you informed and involved. The best way for us to be sustainable throughout the year is to have enough monthly contributors. $20 or $50 per month from enough new monthly contributors will really help our sustainability. Become a sustaining member with a modest monthly donation. If you can’t become a monthly contributor, please send a spot contribution to help the cause here.

If you have previously attended our teleconferences, use your previously assigned zoom link. We resend those on the day before for your convenience. Please don’t share your unique link. 

First-time attending? You must RSVP at this link. Questions about attending? Email us at:


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