Lake Balboa NC Board Meeting

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This will be the place to find out what is happening in our Lake Balboa community.
Meet your Council Board Members, stakeholders, friends, neighbors, city officials
and others interested in what is going on in your area.

Scheduled topic for this meeting includes the Emergency Preparedness “bins”

Once Lake Balboa Neighborhood Council pledged an entire year’s budget of $50,000 to Emergency Preparedness,
believing that nothing should be more important to the Neighborhood Councils in Los Angeles, and to City Hall,
than the health and safety of our stakeholders.  We thank everyone for your continuing support
for Emergency Preparedness in Lake Balboa, and, as we continue to lead in this all important endeavor,
hope that our example will encourage other NCs throughout the City to follow suit.
Linda Pruett and Brian Tessier, Co-Chairs, Emergency Preparedness Committee

Agenda Item 1  –  Up to $6,000 – New Emergency Preparedness Bin (20′ Steel Cargo Container)
Agenda Item 2  –  Up to $6,000 – Supplies for and Maintenance of 2 Existing EP Bins
Agenda Item 3  –  Up to $3,000 – CERT Training in Lake Balboa, 2015/2016 Fiscal Year
Agenda Item 4  –  Up to $2,000 – Communications Equipment, Emergency Preparedness Bins
Agenda Item 5  –  Up to $1,000 – 9th Annual Disaster Preparedness Fair, 2016
Agenda Item 6  –  Up to $1,000 – Legal Research

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