International Asteroid Day

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With less than 30 days to go till Asteroid Day, we are excited to announce t
hat Professor Brian Cox will be returning as the host of our LIVE broadcast!

We will be LIVE for 48 hours starting on June 29

This year we are going to broadcast our dedicated Asteroid Day program for 48 hours,
thanks to our Partners SES, BCE and RTL.
The broadcast starts at 11am (Berlin time // 5AM EST) on June 29.

You can tune in via Satellite TV, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Twitch.

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AIAA LA-LV Section mini-Conference
Saturday, June 30th, 2018 (Asteroid Day)
Planetary Defense & Asteroid Exploration mini-Conference
Speakers / Panelists:
Dr. Nahum Melamed (Aerospace Corp.)
Dr. Niraj Inamdar (RAND Corp.)
Col. Charles Vono (USAF-Retired)
Dr. Joel C. Sercel, (Trans Astronautica Corporation (TransAstra) )
Philip Groves (“Asteroid Impact” IMAX producer, Apophis Pictures, LLC)
(and possibly more)
June 30 is the International Asteroid Day. In previous years, the AIAA LA-LV Section has held or supported the Near Earth Objects (NEOs) Deflection App Hands-on Workshop or solo Presentation for this special date. This year on June 30, it will be a mini-conference covering the different aspects of Planetary Defense, and to bring more public attention to this interesting and important subject.
This mini-conference will introduce the NEO (and other possible) threats, covering past events, real-time close approaches and Earth impact risk, NEO discovery, tracking, and mitigation concepts. Recent advances, progress, and updates in the related efforts, including the NEO Deflection App, various approaches and issues for Planetary Defense (for instance, once built and deployed, how to keep the very complex system of Planetary defense radars, controls, intercepters, and etc. working forever with constant but timely technology updates, and the directed energy approaches), and Asteroid Exploration (mining and economics etc.), will be discussed. This important subject not only has great impact on the Aerospace community, but also the survival, civilization, prosperity, sustainment, and continuation of Humanity.
Our planet is at risk of being struck by NEOs such as asteroids and comets. We need to find hazardous space objects and deflect them before they impact Earth and cause damage or disaster. It has happened in the past and many NEOs frequently pass close to the Earth/Moon system today, some unnoticed.
More and more of these objects are being discovered and monitored daily, dramatically updating our view of the solar system in this regard thanks to dedicated efforts by planetary scientists, engineers, and support from the society.
It has been brought to attention for many years that effective asteroid deflection & planetary defense systems should be researched and prepared. The systems and the underline science & technology should be brought to a state of readiness associated with the risk. Society should also be prepared and readied for potential emergency due to an unmitigated impact to minimize the potential damage and ensure the maximum survival.
Please join us and bring your questions or suggestions to participate in this important and interesting event. We care for and support the Aerospace communities, and also the defense & survival of the Mankind, the Civilization, and the Earth & the Solar Systems.
Redondo Beach Public Library
303 N Pacific Coast Hwy
Redondo Beach, CA 90277
(South of 105 Hwy and West of 405 Hwy/Pacific Coast Hwy (1))
Free Underground Parking Facility
Saturday, June 30, 2018, 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM
Presentation starts at 10 AM)
(The Library opens at 9 AM and closes at 5:00 PM on Saturdays)
(Ticket sale will end after Thursday, June 28, 2018)
Dress Code
Business Casual

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