In-Person: CERT Medical Triage Drill

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Medical Triage is one of the most important skills a CERT member possesses: How do you sort multiple survivors and prioritize who needs help


American Legion Post 283

15247 La Cruz Drive Los Angeles, CA 90272

About this event

  • 5 hours 30 minutes
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Medical training is one of the most critical things a Community Emergency Response Team volunteer can take.

But, even with training and certification, those medical skills fade rapidly without practice.  Unless you work as an EMT and do the skills on a daily basis, you need to practice and exercise them. 

This year we’re breaking up the CERT medical training (Classes 3 and 4) into their core components (Triage, Treatment, and Transport) and focus on each of these core skills so that you are more confident in your ability to perform them.

On Saturday, October 28th, our Medical Triage Drill will be hosted at the American Legion Post 283 in Pacific Palisades and will focus on rapid assessment of victims during a mass casualty incident, sorting them into one of four categories: Green or Walking Wounded, Yellow or Delayed, Red or Immediate, and Black or Expectant.

We will have scenes set up of moulaged victims and experienced EMTs, paramedics, and nurses on hand to coach you through the process and help you think logically (rather than emotionally) about how rapidly triage an incident.

Bring your CERT bags and any equipment you would normally respond with.

Due to the length of the drill, there will be no break for lunch. We encourage you to bring snacks and water. Your team will be moving from incident to incident as if it were a real disaster and the only time you may have to eat will be on your walks between the incidents.

If you are interested in participating, you can sign up as a rescuer, as a volunteer victim, or as a moulage artist.

Sign in for rescuers is 0900-0930.

Sign in for volunteer victims, facilitators, and make-up artists is 0800.

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