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CERT Battalions 10, 15, 17 Community Meeting

In addition to all of the new CERT classes scheduled to start in January – you also have two chances to attend a reminder meeting on “Go Bags”.  January is a great month to open up your Home Kit and Car Kits to check them for reliability and completeness as well as change out batteries in flashlights and radios.
January 21st in Sherman Oaks – Jeff Edelstein from SOS, will walk us through what he thinks makes a great home and car kit as well as give us some insights on new preparedness items on the market.
January 28th in Woodland Hills – is a  bonus, second Kit meeting, for those who can’t make the 21st.  We will go through our personal kits and compare them to the various FEMA and Red Cross suggestions. We will also discuss CERT’s recent role at the Creek Fire and Skirball Fire command posts.

Topic: **EMERGENCY KITS for home, pets, car & work**

– Are you prepared? What have you done to prepare since last January?

– Water barrels filled and secure – or a good stockpile of potable water bottles and containers on hand?

– Do you have several weeks’ worth of groceries?

– Have you checked your 1st aid kits for expired products or damaged bandages lately?

– If any family member is on medication, do you have an extra supply on hand?

– Does your portable radio have good, reliable batteries?

– Do you have copies of important documents in a sealed and sturdy plastic bag readily accessible?

– Do you have a stash of cash, especially small bills?

– Is your Grab ‘n’ Go bag, Go bag, Bug-out bag, etc., near the front door and ready to go? Don’t forget your Car kits, Pet kits, Work kits, etc.

Every January Battalion 10 has hosted an Admin meeting that reminds us to dig out our “emergency kits” and check what’s in there (what has expired; what else is important to include). We’ll discuss minimum items that should be in your kits. We will also:

Review what we need in our Go Bags for Home, Car and Work

Update our kits with suggestions from SOS and our fellow community members

Replace expired items in our kits and batteries in our smoke detectors

Guest Speaker: Yes, back by popular demand – our guest speaker is Jeff Edelstein of SOS Products. He will be sharing his knowledge and tips for what truly makes a solid Emergency Kit.

See you there!

(Note, if you cannot make the 21st, we will host another, similar meeting on January 28th in Woodland Hills at Fire Station 84. See registration page on Eventbrite for further information & to register.)

/Christy & Sally



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