Disaster Drill Volunteers Needed CANCELLED

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Due to predictions of SEVERE and Dangerous HEAT conditions, the Drill has been cancelled and will be re-scheduled. The scenarios involving Victims (Volunteers willing to be Rescued) as well as the Volunteers rescuing them would have been in harms way.

Take care of yourselves, family and those in your realm who might just need a visit or inquiry as to their status, health and well-being during the next few days. Drink plenty of water and make sure others do so as well.

You may read on as this drill will be re-scheduled and will help us prepare for future disaster situations.


I’m Linda Muhlmeyer your CERT  member.
The Canoga Park Neighborhood Council is having a drill
on July 23 from 2:30-4:30 PM

We need victims and we need anyone that knows how to do moulage.              (moulage is make up that looks  like cuts and bones sticking out)
They can call me or email me:
Linda Muhlmyer
 We will be working with the LAFD
The Canoga Park Neighborhood Council is sponsoring its second full-functional Disaster Drill on July 23rd, 2016 at 1600 hours. Multiple Agencies and volunteers will be involved, including LAFD CERT volunteers.

This drill is different from most….No earthquake!
The drill scenario is similar to the San Bruno Gas Explosion September 9th, 2010 when a 30″natural gas line exploded. The noise from the explosion was so loud and shook the earth so violently that many thought it was an earthquake.

LAFD and LAPD are overwhelmed with multiple structure fires and related injuries.

In this drill, there was a neighborhood street fair taking place at the time of the explosion. Thankfully some CERT members and Coordinators and ACS members were there at the time of the explosion along with some LAFD and LAPD Cadets..some of which received some minor injuries. ACS will transmit patient status updates and needs to an offsite IC.


CERT members, friend and neighbors as victims, evaluators, assistance with the flow of victims and convergent volunteers

For more information on the drill, please contact Paul Shively, LAFD CERT Valley Bureau Coordinator at lafdcertvalley@gmail.com

To see more about the event, following this link:

Grossman Burn Ctr will conduct a “Just in Time” Training as part of the Drill Briefing.

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