Community Police Advisory Board (CPAB) Meeting

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West Valley Police Station Community Room
19020 Vanowen St.
Reseda, CA

Community-Police Advisory Boards (CPABs)

Each of the 21 geographic Areas in the Los Angeles Police Department has a CPAB. A CPAB is an Area-level community board comprised of members from the various residential and business communities who live or work in a particular geographic area. The purpose of the CPAB is to provide advice to the Area Commanding Officer regarding decreasing the incidence and fear of crime in the community, as well as to provide community members with a voice in the policing of their communities. In addition, the Area Commanding Officer provides updates and explanations of Department programs to members of the CPAB.

Each CPAB has two co-chairs – one is the Area Commanding Officer and the other is a member of the community. The members of the CPAB are selected by the Area Commanding Officer with recommendations from the community. To learn more about how you can participate in the CPAB, contact your local community police station.

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