Board of Neighborhood Commissioners Meeting (BONC)

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Please see the attached agenda for Monday‘s meeting at 6pm and the following notices:
  • Reminder: The Board of Neighborhood Commissioners will be meeting in the Fire Station 87 Community Room located in Granada Hills. The address is:
    • 10124 Balboa Boulevard Granada Hills, California 91344
  • Due to limited internet access in this meeting’s location, the Board of Neighborhood Commissioners may need to disable video during the Zoom conference as a proactive measure to conserve bandwidth.
    • Bandwidth refers to the capacity of the network to transmit data, and video streams typically consume a significant portion of available bandwidth. By turning off video feeds, participants can allocate more bandwidth towards sustaining a stable audio connection and ensuring smooth communication, particularly in situations where network resources may be limited or experiencing congestion. This strategic adjustment aims to optimize the overall call quality and mitigate potential disruptions, fostering a more seamless and productive virtual meeting experience for all participants involved.
  • thumbnail of 3.4.2024 BONC Special Meeting Agenda

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