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Join us for our next North Hills West Neighborhood Council Meeting on Thursday, August 18, 6pm.

On our agenda:

  • Proposed development at 15701 Roscoe Blvd – Ariel Gutierrez
  • Status of Congregate Care Home at 16243 Chase Street – Nicole Kuklok-Waldman
  • Northeast Valley Animal Shelter

Zoom Meeting online or by telephone. Dial (669) 900-6833 or Toll-Free (877) 853-5257 to join the meeting,
then enter this webinar ID #: 979 3677 6899 and press #

Please click this link to join the webinar by computer:

Meeting Documents:

Draft CIS – NHWNC – CF 14-0518

Council File:  14-0518

Title:  Wildlife Corridor/Santa Monica Mountains (Hillside Ordinance Zone)

On August 18, 2022, in accordance with the Brown Act as duly agenized at our July 21, 2022 meeting, the North Hills West Neighborhood Council in a vote of *** yeas, *** nays, *** abstain, and *** absent voted in support of CF 14-0518 to maintain funding for the Wildlife Corridors Project and the continuation of the Wildlife Pilot Study.  We find this essential for the preservation of one of the city’s most valuable natural habitats for generations to come.

We appreciate the opportunity to comment on this important Planning initiative.
We would appreciate an acknowledgement that this comment has been received.
Whereas, Los Angeles has extraordinary natural wildlife resources distributed across a broad landscape; and
Whereas, wildlife vitality depends critically on open migration for animals to find food and to reproduce; andWhereas, the City of Los Angeles is considering a “Wildlife District Supplemental Use District and Zone Change”, which would create a special “Wildlife District” in the Santa Monica Mountains, in which carefully considered modifications to zoning and planning requirements (such as setbacks, lot coverage, fencing, lighting, and grading) would be made to preserve wildlife connectivity through private and commercial properties; and

Whereas, it is in the best interest of all City residents to preserve and enhance our irreplaceable and valuable natural heritage;

Therefore, the Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council supports the proposed “Wildlife District Supplemental Use District and Zone Change”.



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