Battle of the Browsers Meeting at the Van Nuys FlyAway

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Battle of the Browsers
We all use a Browser to access the internet. There are many tips and tricks that can be employed to make using the internet faster and easier. This presentation will focus on the functions that are available on nearly all browsers but are used by relatively few of us. Do you use Tabs, a Favorites Bar, Bookmarks and Bookmark Folders? Do you use the address/search bar? Do you clear your active websites, or block cookies and popups? If you are not sure or do not understand many of these terms, then this presentation is for you.

Do come to our meeting at the FlyAway Thursday evening. This new location worked out very well for our first meeting last month so we look forward to continuing here.

The FlyAway is easy to find since there’s a large sign and convenient free parking in the lot in front. There’s also a parking structure where you will be charged so do not go there. While there are signs that say “30 minute parking,” we have permission to park there. So don’t be concerned about those signs, this area is for those who have permission to use the conference room.

Remember to walk to the elevator, our room is on the second floor with convenient rest rooms.

As we are getting into high gear for the annual holiday shopping season, if you make purchases online, please remember to choose “The Users Group Network” via Smile on Amazon. As has been noted in the past, a small amount will be placed into our bank account. At this time, our bank account is extremely low so these donations are needed to help keep us in the black. We appreciate your cooperation.

See you Thursday evening for our last meeting of the year.

Van Nuys FlyAway Terminal
7610 Woodley Ave.

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