Annual Budget Day

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Saturday, June 24, 2017 7:30am-12:30pm**
Full breakfast will be served 7:30-8:30am at City Hall.
Parking is free, details will be provided to those who RSVP closer to the day.
Plenary sessions and Regional breakouts will run from 8:30am to 12:30pm, rooms to be determined.

Annual Budget Day

Please RSVP to attend Budget Day at the following link:

Budget Day and all its meetings are open to everyone, however:

EVERY Neighborhood Councils should agendize and appoint TWO Budget Representatives (who can be NC members or interested stakeholders PRIOR to June 24th. Their appointments will run until Budget Day 2018.

As part of the Regional breakouts, all Budget Representatives will elect three Budget Advocates per region. All Budget Representatives are invited to run for Budget Advocate positions.

The newly elected Budget Advocates will hold their first meeting between 1 and 4 that afternoon. Observers are welcome. Budget Advocates will be provided a bag lunch.

The Budget Advocates’ webpage has additional information and can be viewed here (link).

The Budget Advocates advise the Mayor and City Council on the City’s Budget following meetings with City Departments and other relevant bodies. They also hold various activities during the year to help increase awareness about how the City Budget works and how stakeholders can become involved in helping shape the future of our City.

Further information on the Neighborhood Council Budget Advocate system follows:

Please agendize appointing 2 budget representatives who will represent your council from July 1, 2017- June 30 2018.

At Budget Day, new Budget Advocates will be elected from among the new budget representatives.  You can view the current advocates and their work here.

Below are the roles and responsibilities of both Advocates and representatives.

Neighborhood Councils are responsible for:

  • appointing or electing two (2) Budget Representatives pursuant to their Bylaws
  • having their Treasurer and/or President serve as de facto Budget Representative in the event no Budget Representative is designated or becomes unavailable during the term
  • placing a Budget Advocate report on each agenda during which one of the Budget Representatives will report on Budget Advocate activities during the previous period
  • promoting and encouraging board members and stakeholders to participate in Budget Day at City Hall and in Regional Budget Day in their area
  • encouraging board members and stakeholders engage with the Budget Advocates in areas of interest and/or expertise
  • facilitating Budget Advocate surveys by publicizing and actively encouraging board members and stakeholders to participate


Budget Representatives (collectively per NC) are responsible for:

  • soliciting input from their NC  & stakeholders on priorities in their area and suggestions to improving City efficiency, increasing City income and reducing costs
  • attending  Budget Day, expressing the issues of concern to their NC & stakeholders, voting for Budget Advocates
  • contacting one of the Budget Advocate co-chairs if cannot reach Budget Advocate for their Region or if have other concerns
  • soliciting input from their NC  & stakeholders on an ongoing basis as City political issues evolve and communicating it to the Budget Advocates on  a monthly basis
  • ensuring a Budget Advocate report is on every NC agenda
  • reporting on Budget Advocate activities, concerns
  • encouraging stakeholders to join the Budget Advocates on areas of their concern and/or expertise
  • in conjunction with Budget Reps from adjacent Neighborhood Councils, help set up, solicit attendance and coordinate the Regional Budget Day for your area during the year (tentatively fall 2017)
  • suggest/self-nominate Budget Reps for the following Fiscal Year and help advertise/solicit attendance at Budget Day 2018


Budget Advocates are responsible for:

  • electing their executive officers
  • attending twice-monthly BA meetings
  • learning about how the City’s finances work (starting with attending Budget Day) and researching applicable information as needed to prepare for meetings
  • if returning, mentoring new BAs as determined by the Co-Chairs (input appreciated)
  • if a first-time BA, working with a mentor to facilitate your work and provide feedback
  • if you have a City budget-related passion, suggesting it at the retreat as a project to pursue during the year
  • helping develop the Budget Advocate survey to target concerns specific to this year’s goals
  • committing to coordinate/interview/draft and edit reports in connection with aims of the Budget Advocates as determined at their 2nd (retreat) meeting – these can be with senior staff of City departments in connection with the White Paper, senior staff at City Councilmember’s offices in connection with addressing City services
  • reviewing and commenting upon reports and the White Paper
  • distributing any surveys and encouraging as many stakeholders to respond as possible to ensure the demographic spread and numbers to produce valid results
  • working with the other BAs in your Region to synopsize Budget Advocate activities on an ongoing basis and send monthly reports on what BAs are doing to your Region’s Budget Reps to report at their NC meetings
  • working with the other BAs in your Region to solicit stakeholders to help with BA projects
  • working with the other BAs in your Region to attend meetings at every NC in your Region, as necessary but at least 2x/year per NC, to support the Budget Reps
  • helping coordinate and presenting to the Mayor and City Council/City Council committees as appropriate
  • helping coordinate Regional Budget Day and report back to the BAs on what transpired
  • helping on other projects as needed
  • promoting and producing Budget Day 2018 (tentatively August, due to NC elections)


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