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CERT Community Meetings
CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) Community meetings are free and open to all. You do not have to be a trained CERT responder to attend these meetings. Meetings are held throughout Los Angeles. Information on these meetings and much more is available at

To sign up for a class, go to and search for CERT LA. You’ll see a listing of all the Los Angeles CERT training and other classes listed, and can click on the REGISTER button to sign up.

All Valley Big Mini Drill
Join LAFD CERT for an “all Valley” drill and exercise, hosted by Battalion 10. This drill is open to anyone and all Valley CERT Battalions 10, 12, 14, 15, and 17. Hosted by Battalion 10.

Training and review to include:

  • Search & Rescue
  • Triage
  • Bandaging
  • Cribbing
  • Radio communication (GMRS/FRS/Ham)

Something for everyone! Victims are especially needed. Register oneventbrite. Contact Batn. 10 coordinators SallyThompson or Jody Arensberg at, for further information and especially if you’d like to experience CERT response from the perspective of the rescued.

The location is the regular meeting date and place for Batn. 10 CERT Community Meetings, but note the earlier start time.

Sherman Oaks East Valley Adult Center
5056 Van Nuys Blvd.
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

Sunday, November 18, 2018
11:30 am to 2:30 pm

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Resources For Getting Prepared
PDF files for personal, car, pet, work, home, kid’s go bag suggested contents, pet preparedness, home security, nuclear safety, where supplies can be purchased, and much more, are on the Southern California Preparedness Foundation website: Amazon is also a great place to shop.

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What? You Didn’t Know?
Through Saturday, December 1, bring 15 canned or boxed food items (no glass containers) to SOS Products, Inc., and receive a 15% discount off a single purchase made at time of donation. Food will be donated to MEND. You may also purchase one or more $5 MEND donations either in person or online.

Here is a list of greatest food needs. For all canned items, pull-top containers are preferred.:

  • power/granola bars
  • peanut butter
  • fruit cups
  • oatmeal (and similar products)
  • pasta
  • pull-top canned meats
  • pull-top canned soups
  • canned chili, stews, soups
  • bags of rice, pinto beans
  • canned juices

A good time to rotate and/or refresh your food stocks. Just ensure the expiration date has not passed as expired food cannot be accepted.

Worth repeating: Protecting our documents is just another way to protect ourselves. Through 11/10/18, Staples is offering a coupon good for up to 2 pounds of shredding for free. Perhaps not much, but it could get you started. Coupon code is 92149. Visit for details.

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Radio Nets Emphasizing Emergency/Disaster Preparedness

If you have a ham radio license and your call sign doesn’t appear here: ________, please let me know what it is. Licensed amateurs are encouraged to check in on the ham radio nets listed below.

FRS/GMRS nets. (Family Radio Service/General Mobile Radio Service.) Radio operators are encouraged to check into any (or all!) of the following nets:

Lake Balboa Neighborhood Council net meets every Sunday, 10:00 am (or at the conclusion of the ham radio EP net), on channel 15. NOTE change of channel!
Neighborhood Council Valley Village
net meets the last Sunday of the month, 10:00 am, on channel 5.
Los Feliz Neighborhood Council net meets the first Monday of the month, 7:00 pm, on channel 15.
CERT South Bureau (Westside Village) net meets the first Tuesday of the month, about 7:30 pm (follows a ham radio net), on channel 15 via GMRS repeater. Net control may also be able to hear you simplex, so if you are not GMRS licensed, give it a try.

Amateur Radio (ham) nets
. Licensed amateur radio operators are encouraged to check into any (or all!) of the following nets:

Lake Balboa Emergency Preparedness net meets every Sunday morning, 9:00 am, on 145.570 mHz simplex
Hillside Communities Emergency Communications (HCEC) net meets every Saturday morning, 8:30 am, on 144.505 mHz, +600 kHz, PL tone: 162.2.
CERT South Bureau (Westside Village) net meets the first Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm on the Hughes repeater, 445.620 mHz, -5 mHz, PL tone: 127.3.
Southern California Mutual Aid net meets every Tuesday at 7:00 pm on 447.820 mHz, -5 mHz, PL tone: 67.0.

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Past agendas and meeting notes
To view past agendas of the GHNNC EP meetings, visit the GHNNC website,, click on About, then Committees, and scroll down to Emergency Preparedness.

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