Aliso Health Study regular CAG (Community Advisory Group Meeting

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CAG Agenda Items:
DPH Update
New team members and roles
Review Health Study Master Schedule including milestones
DPH Townhall Sub-committee Update
Virtual Meeting scheduled for Saturday, June 27, 2020 1-3pm
Still waiting on DPH leadership’s message so CAG may support in confidence
Review how community questions will be addressed without edit or suppression, i.e. logistics of public asking directly, questions summarized by CAG or Facilitator
Follow up meetings if necessary (small or large groups)
DPH Townhall Outreach
Review and assign collective efforts to get the word out to “fill the virtual meeting”
Community Outreach for health study topics and priorities
Review DPH’s collected information to date
Identify additional information needed and strategies to acquire (i.e. professionally designed and tabulated questionnaire or community panel)
SCG Subpoena for list of chemicals used before, during and after the blowout, as well as well kill materials and composition of storage gas and crude oil spewed into the community.
What are DPH and County actions to date and next steps to gain this critically important health study information?
If DPH and County are not willing to subpoena this information then they can NOT have confidence or make claims the facility is safe and therefore, it must be closed down due to health concerns
CAG presentation to SOC
Opportunity to share community’s and CAG’s concerns with the SOC
Next steps TBD
Establish a CAG Taskforce
CBC Study Update
Dr. Nordella has provided all requested information to Dr. Simon
Waiting on DPH action to gather information from labs
SOC taskforce members pending
Determine CAG taskforce members
Cancer Research Update
Kick off meeting held on May 13th
Next steps Identified and follow up meeting June 10th
Fugitive Emission Fire
DPH has abstained from taking point (this remains unacceptable to the community)
All waiting on source of fuel and field remediation from other agencies
Serious need for more transparency
Letters being prepared by Dr. Hector with review by Dr. Simon
Suggest we leverage DPH to coordinate a meeting with assigned agencies
Air Monitors
To address inactions on this important issue, letters being prepared by Dr. Hector with review by Dr. Simon
Suggest we leverage DPH to coordinate a meeting with assigned agencies
Agencies: CARB, SCAQMD and OHEEA
Need a taskforce to coordinate with agencies and NC’s as appropriate
Functional Improvements/Best Practices
Task tracking tools to help clarify actions, priorities, due dates, responsible parties as well as facilitate discussion of how-to collective resolve issues
Discuss CAG taskforces organization i.e. by function or topic
Next Steps, responsibilities and timelines.

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