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**City Planning Behind Closed Doors!    

 * Since February, the City has been working, behind closed doors, on the General   Plan, for the vision and future of Los Angeles. Mayor Garcetti has said, “residents must have a sense of ownership over the development of our communities”.

* Councilmember Huizar, Chair of PLUM, pledged that City Hall will now act to bring “accountability and transparency back into our General Plan and Community Plan processes”.

 *VANC urges involvement from NC councils and Alliances in the participation and input of the General Plan and Community Plans; meetings must be open to the public to ensure Transparency and Openness.          

      Tony Wilkinson, VANC Executive Committee; Ron Ziff, President SONC;

      Lisette Covarrubias, Neighborhood Liaison, External Affairs, Dept. of City Planning

Valley Alliance of Neighborhood Councils





  • Welcome and Introductions                         Jill Banks Barad, Founder and Chair 
  • Safe Sidewalk LA  Program-  (Gayle Greenberg,  Murakawa Communications)
  • NC Funding Program: New Guidelines and Progress Report (Leyla Campos)
  • NC/BONC Subdivision Ordinance ( “Hermon Ordinance”) Now there are 97 NCs citywide. Update: DONE Funding policy on new NCs, equitable and fair?
  • NC Congress, Saturday, September 9: Update (Cindy Cleghorn, Sunland-Tujunga)
  • NC Liaisons- Animal Welfare, Film, Purposeful Aging
  • LADWP Bill of Rights- NC input?
  • Important Council Files for NCs to consider(Glenn Bailey, Northridge East/ Encino NCs)
  • Items from the floor 

                    Mark your calendar:

  • Next VANC meeting- Thursday, July 13
  • VANC Forum: The Future of LA: Planning and Transportation

Thursday, Nov. 9, 6 p.m. CBS Studios, Studio City. Stay tuned for details…..

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