Know WhenThe Shaking Will Start
The QuakeAlertUSA app sends alerts to users in California that an earthquake has occurred and the shaking is coming.

Available for both iOS and Android devices
The QuakeAlert app will alert you that an earthquake has occurred and will send a push alert to your mobile device.  This alert includes information about the expected shaking intensity at your location and the time until the expected shaking,  along with a message instructing you to drop,  cover and hold on.

Alerts when you need them the most
You choose which alerts you want to receive based on the shaking intensity (MMI) expected at your location.

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Earl Warning Labs is an official ShakeAlert commercial partner.  The QuakeAlert app is powered by data from the USGS ShakeAlert Earthquake Early Warning System.  Alert delivery and other features provided by QuakeAlertUSA are being tested and there are no implied guarantees.