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Hello fellow Neighborhood Council Boardmembers, and committee members!

The Los Angeles Neighborhood Council Coalition (LANCC) has seen an increase in some people’s concerns about the relationship between the Department of Neighborhoods Empowerment (DONE) and the Neighborhood Councils (NCs) as established under the new Los Angeles City Charter that came into effect on July 1, 2001.

In response to these concerns, LANCC deputized the Working Group for Constructive Change, a group of volunteers in the NC system, to determine if these were individual complaints or widespread and, if the latter, come up with constructive solutions.

We share a deep concern that the increasing level of rules, restraints, required training, prior permissions and time demands from multiple City departments may have become a threat to the health of the Neighborhood Council system but we need to receive input from more than just the squeaky wheels.

You can help us by providing YOUR opinions in this first online survey addressing the relationship between DONE and the NCs.

Please share this message and the link to the survey with anyone who is an active participant in any Neighborhood Council organization volunteering on committees.  We hope you will be able to complete the survey by Sunday, August 21.  Answers after that date may not be compiled into the survey statistics to be released at September’s LANCC meeting.  However, ALL survey responses will be read and considered in conjunction with assessments about who we are and where the NC system is headed.

Given that responses to the 17 questions are a simple choice of Yes,Somewhat Yes, Neutral, Somewhat No, No, and Don’t know or Not applicable, this survey should take under 10 minutes of your time, perhaps a few minutes more if you choose to share your opinions with us in the single open-text field at the end.

Although some people are not big on demographics, some baseline questions can provide insight into the responses received.  So, we’ve included two optional questions at the end of the survey asking how long you’ve participated in the NC system and in what Council District your NC is located.  If you choose to answer these questions, your replies will help us to understand your answers in the context of other people’s responses.

Thank you for supporting our efforts by sharing your opinions.

You are always welcome at LANCC’s meetings which are normally held on the first Saturday of the month at 10:00 am.

Until further notice, our meetings are on Zoom, and can be accessed at:

LANCC’s Working Group for Constructive Change

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