The Devonshire Division PALS program,  has been engaged in a food give-away program for needy families since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak and the suspension of our normal youth programs.  The Executive Director, Edgar Sedano, a former educator and community member, has used his community contacts to obtain many consistent donations of food from several local food banks and charitable organizations.  The collection of these meals and groceries has been facilitated by officers from the LAPD assigned to Devonshire Community Relations Office.  These generous donations, along with the organization and outreach facilitated by the PALS program and the LAPD, have resulted in over 77,000 meals being handed out completely free of charge to members of the surrounding community.  This has been a great blessing for many families affected by the economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and has greatly helped the LAPD to extend its outreach to the community in a positive way.  The partnership with LAPD and PALS is a perfect example of the police giving back to the community, building public trust and reaching struggling members of our community.

This coming Friday, we expect to surpass a milestone of 80,000 meals provided to our community members,
PALS,  located at 8721 Wilbur Ave in Northridge,

Sergeant Joe McDowell #36994
Devonshire Division Community Relations Office