• On Tuesday, Governor Newsom issued an executive order on state prisons and juvenile facilities: https://www.gov.ca.gov/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/3.24.20-EO-N-36-20.pdf
    • Temporary halt to the intake and transfer of inmates and youth into the state’s 35 prisons and four youth correctional facilities. Those inmates and youth will remain in county custody for the next 30 days.
    • The Governor also ordered the Board of Parole Hearings to develop a process to conduct all scheduled parole hearings through videoconferencing starting no later than April 13.
  • On Wednesday, Governor Newsom announced relief to mortgage holders during the COVID-19 crisis
    • Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, US Bank and Wells Fargo and nearly 200 state-chartered banks, credit unions, and servicers agreed to allow for a 90-day grace period to make mortgage payments.
    • Credit reports will also not be negatively impacted by individuals needing to accept this payment relief
    • Financial institutions will not initiate foreclosure sales or evictions for at least 60 days
    • For at least 90 days, financial institutions will waive or refund at mortgage-related late fees and other fees, including early CD (certificates of deposit) withdrawals (subject to federal regulations) for customers who have requested assistance.


  • As of 3/25, data from LA County Department of Health:
    • 80% of COVID-19 positive cases are between ages of 18-65
    • 40% of those positive cases are occurring in people who are 18-40 years old
    • 20% of people who have tested positive have at some point in time been hospitalized
    • Most of those who have been hospitalized are 60 and older
    • 77% of the individuals who have been hospitalized are in the ICU
    • 60% of ICU patients are 60+ years of age
    • 1% of people in LA County who have tested positive have passed away
    • The COVID-19 mortality rate in the U.S. is currently about 1.5%. This is a higher rate of mortality than what we experience annually for influenza
  • The City is prepared to enforce recently enacted emergency measures to protect the public
  • The City Attorney assigned neighborhood prosecutors to implement and enforce each of these public safety measures
  • Additional closures announced this week to prevent crowds:
    • Runyon Canyon, Bronson Canyon, Venice Pier, and beach parking
  • The City and County are working to ramp up testing capacity. Get testing info at: CORONA-VIRUS.LA. Priority for testing right now is high risk populations (65+, have symptoms, have underlying conditions) and first responders and healthcare workers.
  • Restaurants in L.A. allowed to deliver alcoholic beverages as long as they also offer food as a way to support affected restaurants and bars.
  • Ellis Act evictions are now prohibited during this emergency. The Ellis Act allow landlords, who want to get out of the rental business, from evicting tenants in rent-controlled units
  • Mayor Garcetti launched the “Angeleno Campaign” to raise $10M to provide cash assistance to families in need. The public can donate by texting “LA Love” to 21000 or go to ORG/ANGELENO
  • If you are a medical professional who is available to help during this crisis, please sign up at: LACITY.ORG/MEDICALWORKER
    • Beginning this week, the city will not cite or tow vehicles with expired registrations
    • LADOT will not increase fine for 60 days at least, and everyone will receive an extension of payments due until June 1
    • LAPD won’t ticket people with expired drivers licenses
    • 8 Rec Centers in the City are open and running as temporary shelters for our unhoused neighbors. Many of these sites are already at capacity and the City is working to get the other 5 online soon. Hopefully by the end of this weekend.
    • County has already secured 600 units to be used , Goals it to get to 2,000 units.
    • Metro buses and trains continue to operate. For the latest schedules visit NET
    • All Metro riders are also asked to board/exit buses through the rear door in an effort to protect metro bus operators
    • Metrolink latest schedules are available at COM
    • NO disconnections will take place as long as the safer at home order continues.
    • LADWP offers an income qualified discount. Residents who did not qualify before may find that they qualify now. Go to COM for more information
  • PROPERTY TAXES – the deadline still April 10, 2020, and state action is required to change this, so those conversations are happening. However for the time being, beginning April 11, people unable to pay on time for reasons related to COVID-19 may submit a request for penalty cancellation online. https://ttc.lacounty.gov/penalty-cancellation-request-2/

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