NHWNC Planning & Land Use Committee Meeting

The NHWNC Planning and Land Use Committee held a meeting on March 3, 7pm to discuss a proposed congregate living facility at 16243 Chase St.

PLUM Comittee Agenda 3.03.2022

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News Item

16243 ChaseNorth Hills West Neighborhood Council has received notice the week of February 16, 2022 of an application for a Congregate Care Home at 16243 Chase Street. It would be sort of a mini-hospital which is hoping for Planning Department approval of a Conditional Use Permit giving them permission to open and operate a 25-bed convalescent facility for bed-ridden patients and a staff of professional caregivers. The notice was reported to be distributed to properties within a 500′ radius of the 16243 Chase Street Address:

My name is Rob Mikitarian and I own the property located at 16243 Chase Street. I recently applied to the City to allow use of the site for Congregate Care living.

Congregate Care is the provision of housing for people who need continued care but no longer need to be in a hospital. Congregate Care facilities are able to integrate non-intensive care residents into the community and out of hospitals to make space for patients who require more intensive care. We accept patients from Kaiser, Northridge Hospital, and the Veterans’ Administration, as well as other local hospitals.

To that end, we have requested permission from the City to allow us to open a 25-bed Congregate Care facility. Congregate Care facilities are regulated by the State of California with respect to operation, number of patients, and staffing ratios, much like hospitals, but are specifically located in residential areas to help transition residents back to the community.

While we aren’t operating yet, there are lots of Congregate Care facilities in residential areas all over the state. I purchased and operate a Congregate Care home at 16052 Chase Street, east of Woodley, and I’d love for you to drive by. It’s pretty quiet…most residents are in bed, with nurses checking in on them and making sure their needs are met. It’s a very low-key operation and we think you will love having us as your neighbor.

We’d love to talk to you more and answer any questions you may have. You can call my associate, Nicole, at 818-468-1983 if you have any questions, or you can email her at nicole@collaborate-la.com.

I’m excited to be your neighbor and look forward to hearing from you.
Very Truly Yours,
Rob Mikitarian

Applicable Health and Safety Codes:

Proposed Conditions

NHWNC Planning and Land Use Committee is considering proposed conditions:

Parking shall be provided in conformance with LAMC Section 12.21-A.4. A minimum of two parking spaces must be covered.
a. EV Charging. A minimum of one space shall provide an EV charging station that is immediately capable of providing a charge.
b. All employee and staff parking shall be conducted on-site.

Contact Information
A telephone number and email address shall be provided for the receipt of complaints from the community regarding the subject facility.
The contact information shall be:
• posted at the entry or customer service desk,
• provided to the immediate neighbors and the Neighborhood Council, and
• responded to within 24-hours of any complaints/inquiries received on this hot line.

a. All trash collection and storage areas shall be located on-site and shall not be visible from the public right-of-way.
b. Trash receptacles shall be stored in a fully enclosed building or structure, constructed with a solid roof, at all times.
c. Trash/recycling containers shall be locked when not in use.

What is your opinion?

The Planning and Land Use Committee is interested in hearing from you. Please send us your thoughts and concerns to: pcrone@nhwnc.net.


Facility Location Map with 500′ notification radius:

Neighborhood Map