First NameLast NameEthics ExpiresFunding ExpiresCode of ConductPlanning 101ABLE RecommendCERT
Madlena Minasian 6-07-20247-07-2024 T6-07-2024Completed1
MaggieElliott1-04-20252-13-2026 Treasurer1-04-202511-29-20231, 2, 3 K6TAG
LindaErdman6-10-202411-22-2024 T6-10-2024Completed6-11-2024
DaveBrown1-04-20252-13-2026 T1-04-2025Completed11-02-20231, 2, 3 KF6ZPX
PatCrone1-05/20265-10-2024 T06-12-2025Completed10-17-2023
Vacant GeneralExpires 2025
Vacant GeneralExpires 2027
Vacant GeneralExpires 2027
Vacant ResidentialExpires 2025
Vacant ResidentialExpires 2027
T = Treasurer training

Board Attendance

In the chart below, A denotes an absence. Our bylaws stipulate that 3 consecutive absences, or 5 total in 12 months results in termination. The 5 total is on a rolling 12 month basis basis.

Board Attendance: There are no excused absences. Any Board Member who misses three (3) consecutive or a total of five (5) regularly scheduled Neighborhood Council Board Meetings during any twelve (12) month period will be automatically removed from the Board. A= absent, Ar = arrival time, Lv = early departure, SR = Standing Rule
First NameLast Name3/16/234/20/236/15/237/20/23 Cncl8/17/23 SBM8/17/239/21/23 Cncl10/19/2311/16/2312/21/23 Cncl1/18/242/15/243/21/244/18/244/18/24
Pat Crone2025A
LindaErdman2027(joined)Lv 8:03p (SRv)A
PunamGohel2027A (joined)Ar 6:22p
KreshellRamey2025AAAr 7:04p
VacantResidentialExpires 2025
VacantGeneralExpires 2025
VacantResidentialExpires 2027
VacantGeneralExpires 2027
VacantGeneralExpires 2027