Contact Information
Neighborhood Council: North Hills West
Name: Linda Erdman
The Board approved this CIS by a vote of: Yea(7) Nay(1) Abstain(0) Ineligible(0) Recusal(0) Date of NC Board Action: 05/18/2023
Type of NC Board Action: Against

Impact Information
Date: 06/29/2023
Update to a Previous Input: No
Directed To: City Council and Committees
Council File Number: 20-0990
Agenda Date:
Item Number: 19
Summary: The North Hills West Neighborhood Council voted on May 18, 2023, to oppose Ordinance Number 187803 which was adopted by the Los Angeles City Council on March 14, 2023. The North Hills West Neighborhood Council opposes this for twofold reasons: First, there has been insufficient time for Neighborhood Councils to register their concerns regarding this ordinance. Second, Neighborhood Council Members are not employees of the City of Los Angeles but elected and appointed community members, therefore the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment has no authority to “enforce” Neighborhood Councils regarding mandatory training.

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