You may look up any Council File on the City Clerk site here. Enter the council file number to see all the action on the file. Details on How to send your public comments to City Hall.

Guide to contacting your city officials: how to get the greatest impact with your Community Impact Statements and Letters.

Stakeholders are empowered to take action on their own, regardless of what the Neighborhood Council is doing. Here is how:

You should always write to the City Councilmember serving your Neighborhood Council’s area. But who else should you write to? What’s their email address? And how else can your voice and your NC’s voice be heard?

In this guide, we explain how to look up City Councilmember and Commissioner email addresses and find out which Council Committees and Commissions oversee what types of matters. We also explain how to find Council Files tied to different City Council actions and different ways you can share your public comments in person or online.

Guide to Contacting City Officials