NHWNC Beautification and Infrastructure Committee Description

Members: Kreshell Ramey Chair, 


This fun in the sun committee works primarily to keep the North Hills West area up to its Stakeholders’ standards. They attend to Community Improvement projects such as graffiti removal, reporting illegal dumping, planting of California Native plants in community planters, weed control, and general clean-up of targeted areas including, but not limited to sidewalks and alleys.

Additional ideas include block-mapping to plan and then take ACTION on these issues – street-by-street, in achievable, one-day “Clean Sweep” projects.  Dividing blocks into sections that include both sides, allows us to form Neighborhood, Block-based Teams. This could ensure greater stakeholder engagement and more socially rewarding activities!

It also EMPOWERS us to bring more intensive attention to each block. That’s just one part of the new “Cool Blocks” Program, coming to a Neighborhood near you, very soon!

Residential and Business Stakeholders are encouraged to participate by bringing your ideas and location information to any Committee member and we’ll bring our team-building to you!

Targeted Areas of Interest: Grafitti removal, illegal dumping, planting of California Natives in shared, public areas and community planters, WEED & FEED of public median strips and street trees, and organizing “Clean Sweep” projects in alleys, streets & along our sidewalks.

Going forward we will reach out to Alin Sahagian, our Neighborhood Prosecutor, to request a ‘Restorative Justice’ /Conservation Corps model to obtain Adult & Juvenile Community Service Program Volunteers. While doing so we can engage these people and teach them something about consequential thinking and “The Power of Community”!