Of the 39,915 road segments, 61% were rated clean                                                              35% were rated somewhat clean, while streets rated unclean                                                   made up 4% of total street segments.

As part of Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Clean Streets initiative,                                                         the City’s Bureau of Sanitation drove all of LA’s public streets and alleys                  (traveling over 22,000 miles!)                                                                                                        and gave each block a “cleanliness score” from 1-3:

  1. Clean
  2. Somewhat Clean
  3. Not Clean

How clean is your street? Type in an address or click on a street to see how it fares.

Each street score is based on four factors: litter, weeds, bulky items and illegal dumping. This assessment will be repeated every quarter.


Here are just a few examples that show how this information                           will be used to address the City’s greatest needs:Clean Routes to Schools By prioritizing cleanliness around key community assets like schools               and parks, we can focus services and ensure a safe and clean environment for children.Preventing Illegal DumpingBy analyzing trends, we can identify illegal dumping hotspots                           like freeway off-ramps, where we will deploy enforcement tactics                        to deter future occurrences.

          Get Involved!

You can help by scheduling a bulky item pickup, reporting illegal dumping                                                  or volunteering for one of our community cleanups.


Stay in contact with your city by using the MyLA311 app,


or calling 3-1-1.

Or, check out: www.cleanstreetsla.org