ON APRIL 26 AT 1 PM,  Climate Reality Project speakers David Gaines,  Carol Kravitz,  Rorro Feinstein,  Carol N. Hart will do a presentation on how we can turn the thermostat down on global warming.  Yes,  we can stop climate change,  avoid weather catastrophes,  cool our planet and clean our air.  It will be followed by the free Sunday movie showing of  “An Inconvenient Sequel Truth to Power” at 2:15 pm.

Get useful information on the climate Change Crisis and ways to save our planet from Global-warming.

Meet Climate Reality Project Speakers
Carol Kravitz,  David Gaines,  Rorro Feinstein and Carol N. Hart

Sunday,  April 26 from 1 pm – 4 pm
Mid-Valley Regional Library
16244 Nordoff Street,  North Hills. CA 91343