Can You Improve Quality of Life in North Hills West? Are you concerned about safety and the quality of life in North Hills West? Did you know you can do something about it? The North Hills West Neighborhood Council can actively make the voice of the community heard at City Hall. We do this by discussing the same issues City Hall is, voting and submitting a Community Impact Statement. This year we voted on 14 topics including the following items (see the whole list):

Linda Erdman, Madlena Minassian, Councilmember John Lee, Maggie Elliot

Linda Erdman, Madlena Minassian, Councilmember John Lee, Maggie Elliot

  • To make it easier to join the Neighborhood Council and attend meetings
  • Opposed rezoning single family neighborhoods to allow for apartment buildings to be built next door to our homes
  • Supported a Metro transit study
  • Supported a Van Nuys Airport project moratorium
  • Supported the Coastal Live Oak as the official tree for the City of Los Angeles

Do you have a topic you would like us to run with? You are in luck! We have five open seats and would love you to take one! Board members and stakeholders are invited to identify agenda items, provide a detailed recommendation on the position to be discussed and send this information to with the subject line Agenda Item Request. Requests should be sent at least a week in advance of our meetings on the 3rd Thursday of the month. Check out this list of topics being considered right now by City Hall.

We also have a small budget, some of which we use for outreach to support local organizations. This year we provided grants to:

  • Vintage Magnet Robotics
  • Mid Valley Regional Library for a video projector
  • So Cal Preparedness Foundation for Community Emergency Response Team training materials
CERT Class 2023 April

CERT Class April 2023

We also like to support local events where we can personally meet you and share about NHWNC, including at National Night Out Against Crime and the New Horizons Walk A Thon.


Linda Erdman, Madlena Minassian, Maggie Elliot at New Horizons Walk A Thon

“This is your chance to speak up! If you want change, we need you to join the Council, come to meetings and get involved. We did a lot this year even though we were short five board members. Imagine what we could do if you joined us and we had a full Board!” encourages President Madlena Minassian.

If you a looking to make 2024 a year where you drive change, personally contact our President to find out how at or apply now: