Did you know that L.A. has restrictions on when you can burn wood in your fireplace?  It’s really the SCAQMD (South Coast Air Quality Management District) that sets the “burn days,” and it includes the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area, Orange County, and the Inland Empire. The restrictions are put into effect between November 1 and the end of February if the next day’s air quality is predicted to have elevated levels of particulates (PM 2.5), and prohibit the burning of wood or manufactured fire logs in your fireplace(s) during the specified time, generally midnight to midnight. There are exceptions: Mountain communities above 3,000 feet in elevation, the Coachella Valley, the High Desert, homes that rely on wood as a sole source of heat, low-income households, and those without natural gas service. How do you know when you can burn wood (and wood products)?  Enter your ZIP code at www.aqmd.gov, sign up for reports and alerts at www.airalerts.org, or call 866-966 3293.