Carol HartPresident, Carol Hart – Residential Stakeholder

Twenty years ago, I bought a home here in NHW. I raised my children here and enjoy an extended family of friends and neighbors. I love this area and care about the future as much as I cherish the past. I’ll use communication and organizational skills from work along with the loving concern of a mother to help guide our community.


Events,  Marketing & Outreach Committee Chair
ad hoc Homelessness Committee
ad hoc Parking Committee
ad hoc Executive Committee

E-mail: president@nhwnc.net


Vice-President, Pat Crone – Residential Stakeholder

We have lived in North Hills West for 52 years. Our children went through school here.
Now that I am retired, I am giving back to my community by volunteering in several civic organizations. I believe that my involvement with NHWNC can be very fulfilling and gratifying.


Planning & Land Use Committee
ad hoc Parking Committee
Neighborhood Council Budget Representative

Email: pcrone@nhwnc.net

Email: vice-president@nhwnc.net


Dan Gibson, PresidentTreasurer, Dan Gibson,  General Stakeholder

I am a business owner (Valley Sod Farms) and property owner in North Hills. I believe that the Neighborhood Council system is a unique and vital part of our local government. Therefore, I am willing to volunteer my time and efforts to see that the issues concerning our community are considered and worked out in an honorable and effective manner.


Budget & Finance Committee
ad hoc Executive Committee Chair

Email: treasurer@nhwnc.net


Dave-Brown-North-Hills-West-2014Secretary, Dave Brown – Residential Stakeholder

A North Hills resident for over 30 years, with ongoing civic involvement in several organizations. Backgrounds in Astrophysics,  Engineering, Security and Finance. A firm commitment to Emergency Preparedness and Public Safety. Hobbies include Martial Arts, Vintage Diesels, Amateur Radio and Specialty Audio.

“It doesn’t take a lot to become prepared, but it can cost a lot if caught unprepared”

NHWNC Emergency Preparedness & Public Safety Committee Co-Chair
NHWNC Rules & Elections Committee
Neighborhood Council Emergency Preparedness Alliance
LAPD Mission Hills Quality of Life Committee Founding Member
LAPD Devonshire C-PAB

Email: secretary@nhwnc.net



Samuel A. AcostaSamuel A. Acosta – Residential Stakeholder

I am a retired U.S. Army Warrant Officer; I am an active real estate investor, business owner and small business consultant. It is important to me to be part of local community and local governance. I like to help plan, organize, and assist in all the specific needs of my community: social services and overall safety. I am a team player and a leader who works well with others.

“Many members, but striving to work together as a whole body”

Email: SAcosta@NHWNC.net

Angel Collins – General Stakeholder

I am a local business owner (Realtor at LA Homes By Angel), U.S. Army Veteran, investor, and mother to three baby boys. I am also a proud Pepperdine Alumni! Our family began planting our roots in North Hills West in 2018 where we bought our first ever home. I made the decision to join the board in our community to ensure I am giving back to the community that my children will be raised in and help make our neighborhood a better place. I hope to use my background in business and skills I have learned as a mother of being a master multitasker to propel our board further.

“We all know that trust takes time to build, but can be gone in a heartbeat.”

Email: ACollins@NHWNC.net

Maggie Elliott – Residential Stakeholder 

I have lived in the Valley all my life and moved to NHW in 1973. My two daughters attended school here. I was involved with the PTA, Booster Clubs and Girl Scouts.  I am in my third term as an Executive Board Member of Local 706 of I.A.T.S.E..  I look forward to being part of the team that makes a difference for the better in North Hills West.

Beautification & Infrastructure Committee
Emergency Preparedness & Public Safety Committee Co-Chair
Resilience Los Angeles Liaison

Email:  melliott@nhwnc.net



garry fordyce

Garry Fordyce – Residential Stakeholder 




Email: GFordyce@NHWNC.net

Punam Gohel – Community Interest Stakeholder

A little something about myself…

Family: My wife Gladys works in the Health Care Industry and supports me and my activities a lot. Two daughters, Stephanie the eldest graduated from USC with two masters one in social work and the second in public health. She currently works at Kaiser Permanente. The younger daughter Natalie,   doing her Masters in Paris, France in the fashion design industry. She is President of International student committee

Interests: USF rated chess player,  1st and 2nd place winner in Las Vegas Tropicana Hotel Taekwondo Competition 2001, Used to fly CESSNA 152, Enjoy traveling.

Enjoyed my motorcycle Kawasaki 750 cruise control ( in 2007 I was involved in a motorcycle accident which later resulted in a neurological disorder and I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s 2 years later) This diagnosis brought a new passion into my life and I am now an active boxer and practice 2-3 times a week. “I have Parkisons but Parkinson’s doesn’t have me.”

Business: Owner and CEO of private real estate holdings.
Retired software engineer worked for Lockheed Aerospace Industry, UCLA, and IBM

Community Organizer: C-PAB – I am a member of C-PAB Mission Division since 2008.                                                                                                                                                     C-PAB Quality of Life Committee Founding Member,  Chair since 2012.
C-PAB Devonshire member since 2014
BYLAW Committee co-chair since 2014
Board of Directors NHWNC and NHENC
CHAIR-Planning and Land Use committee- NHNC
CHAIR-Election and Rules committee
Former board of director of CHNC and Planning and Land Use Chair
Neighborhood Council Budget Representative
Former Budget Advocate
Chair of the City Council Connection Committee, in charge of interviewing all 15 city council members,                                                                                                                                 which helped me to create a personal connection with city council staff.

Surrounded by good friends and family member, that keeps me motivated to continue to help our community become a better place for tomorrow.

Rules & Elections Committee Chair
Planning and Land Use Committee

Email: pgohel@nhwnc.net


David Hyman – General Stakeholder

David is a native of the Valley.  His family moved to Sepulveda just in time for him to start at Gledhill St School. Later David attended another stakeholder school, Monroe,  and later graduated at nearby CSUN. He lives a mile away from where he grew up and is a letter carrier a block away from this same neighborhood. His wife Rosalyn is a Community College instructor.





Events,  Marketing & Outreach Committee



thumbnail of Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 7.43.49 PMMadlena Minasian – General Stakeholder

I am a Real Estate Agent and a resident of North Hills West. I have lived in SFV practically all my life. I joined the NHWNC to share my knowledge, experience and to give back to my community by volunteering. I would like to see for our City to become one of the “Top 10 Great Neighborhoods in Los Angeles”. I believe for that to happen, we need to band together and give back by volunteering our time and doing things for one another. My fellow board members and I are passionate about the work we are doing. We believe each Stakeholder we represent is a friend! Join us, together we are stronger!!!

Email: mminasian@nhwnc.net


Carlos Pelaez- Residential Stakeholder

I have lived in North Hills since 2009. I have been an active member of the NHWNC.  I have been involved in many of the community activities and events. I am active with the Neighborhood Watch on my street and I like to help my neighbors and friends.


Beautification & Infrastructure Committee Chair
ad hoc Parking Committee

Email: cpelaez@nhwnc.net


img_0749rameyKreshell Ramey – General Stakeholder    

I have volunteered in the Valley with Youth for 4 years. I also sit on committees with the DWP that involve decisions between labor and management. This will be a great opportunity to serve in another capacity.

ad hoc Homelessness Committee Chair
Emergency Preparedness & Public Safety Committee
Neighborhood Council Homeless Liaison

Email: kramey@nhwnc.net


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Board Member Compliance Chart for Ethics, Funding and Code of Conduct and Attendance

OPENNESS ~ TRUTH ~ TRANSPARENCY •••• Encourage & Defend Your Voice and Your Right to Participate •••• Board of Neighborhood Commissioners Equity Funding Work Group •••• Neighborhood Council Budget Advocate •••• Vietnam Disabled Veteran •••• 45 Year North Hills Resident •••• 6 Year North Hills West Board Member •••• THANK YOU FOR VOTING