thumbnail of Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 7.43.49 PMMadlena Minasian – General Stakeholder (2027)

I joined the NHWNC to support the community by volunteering. I would like to see our Neighborhood become one of the Great Neighborhoods in our City. For that to happen, we must band together as Stakeholders and Board members to give back by volunteering our time and helping one another. My fellow board members and I are passionate about our work. We believe each Stakeholder we represent is a friend. Join us. Together we are stronger!

NHWNC Board of Directors since June 2016
NHWNC Former Treasurer – May 2017 to September 2020
NHWNC Board of Directors – Former Planning and Land Use Committee
LAPD Devonshire C-PAB Member since November 2017
GH Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors since 2017 and Current
Past President
GH Community Foundation Board of Directors – President
CERT Graduate

E-mail: president@nhwnc.net

Email: mminasian@nhwnc.net


Maggie Elloitt Maggie Elliott – Residential Stakeholder (2025)

I have lived in the Valley all my life and moved to NHW in 1973. My two daughters attended school here. I was involved with the PTA, Booster Clubs, and Girl Scouts. I am in my third term as an Executive Board Member of Local 706 of I.A.T.S.E. I look forward to being part of the team that makes a difference for the better in North Hills West.

Neighborhood Team Program, NTP
Southern California Preparedness Foundation / Valley Disaster Preparedness Fair
CERT EMR, Emergency Medical Responder

Email: vice-president@nhwnc.net

Email: melliott@nhwnc.net


Pat Crone – Residential Stakeholder (2025)

We have lived in North Hills West for 52 years. Our children went through school here. Now that I am retired, I am giving back to my community by volunteering in several civic organizations. I believe that my involvement with NHWNC can be very fulfilling and gratifying.


Email: treasurer@nhwnc.net

Email: pcrone@nhwnc.net


Dave-Brown-North-Hills-West-2014Dave Brown – Residential Stakeholder (2025)

A North Hills resident for over 30 years, with ongoing civic involvement in several organizations. Backgrounds in Astrophysics, Engineering, Security, and Finance. A firm commitment to Emergency Preparedness and Public Safety. Hobbies include Martial Arts, Vintage Diesels, Amateur Radio and Specialty Audio.                                                                                                                                           “Civilizations exists by geological consent – subject to change without notice.”
To maximize your quality of survivability please visit: https://training.ntp-la.org

LAPD Mission Hills Quality of Life Committee Founding Member
LAPD Devonshire Community Police Advisory Board since 2014
Southern California Preparedness Foundation / Valley Disaster Preparedness Fair
Neighborhood Team Program, NTP
Event Safety Alliance, ESA
CERT EMR, Emergency Medical Responder

Email: secretary@nhwnc.net

Email: dbrown@nhwnc.net



Linda Erdman- Residential Stakeholder (2027)Linda Erdman pix

I consider myself the quintessential “Valley Girl,” since I was born, raised and have lived my entire life at my current residence, which my parents built when they came to the San Fernando Valley back in 1956.I remember the time, not so long ago, when we had a horse, sheep, goats, rabbits and chickens, to name some of the critters that have graced our lives.This gives me a unique perspective on the growth and development of our community.I have previously worked in city government and have taught history among other various and sundry positions.

Back in the day, I attended Langdon Avenue and Our Lady of Peace schools. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Master’s in Public Administration from Loyola Marymount University. I also attended California State University, Northridge, where I earned a Master of Arts in History. It is my hope to bring to bear my knowledge and experience to enhance our community.

My current historical research interests include the development of the San Fernando Valley as it relates to water politics and city planning. I am currently serving on the Planning, Legislative and Ad Hoc Parking committees and look forward to making North Hills West a thriving community that is attuned to its past. I welcome any stakeholder or interested party to contact me regarding any concerns, or if you just want to discuss history.

CIS Submitter

Email:  LErdman@nhwnc.net


garry fordyce

Garry Fordyce – Residential Stakeholder (2025)

Email: GFordyce@NHWNC.net





Kreshell Ramey

Kreshell Ramey – General (2025)

I have volunteered in the Valley with Youth for 4 years.
I also sit on committees with the DWP
that involve decisions between labor and management.
This will be a great opportunity to serve in another capacity.

Email: kramey@nhwnc.net


Vacant – General Stakeholder (2025)
Vacant – General Stakeholder (2027) two seats
Vacant – Residential Stakeholder (2025)
Vacant – Residential Stakeholder (2027) two seats
Vacant – Community Interest Stakeholder (2027)

Because the NHWNC now operates on a staggered election cycle,
1/2 of the Board seats are now up for election every 2 years instead of all 13 seats every 2 years.
The objective is to provide in-place continuity from election to election.
A vacant seat may not be filled by appointment within 90 days of an election.
See bylaws for a detailed explanation.

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Board Member Compliance Chart for Ethics, Funding and Code of Conduct and Attendance

OPENNESS ~ TRUTH ~ TRANSPARENCY •••• Encourage & Defend Your Voice and Your Right to Participate •••• Board of Neighborhood Commissioners Equity Funding Work Group •••• Neighborhood Council Budget Advocate •••• Vietnam Disabled Veteran •••• 45 Year North Hills Resident •••• 6 Year North Hills West Board Member •••• THANK YOU FOR VOTING