Join NHWNC 2023

The North Hills West Neighborhood Council has current Board vacancies (one (1) Residential term expiring in 2025, one (1) Residential term expiring in 2027, one (1) General term expiring in 2025 and two (2) General terms expiring in 2027) We are seeking candidates for both Stakeholder categories.

Stakeholders may nominate themselves or someone else who they feel is ready, willing, and able – to serve this community as a North Hills West Neighborhood Council Board Member.

We will begin accepting applications immediately. Please Apply Now:  NHWNC Board Application

Types of seats available:

Current Bylaws page 6 – ARTICLE V GOVERNING BOARD – Section 1
A. Residential Stakeholder Board Members (7) – Open to Stakeholders eighteen (18) years of age or older who live in a residence, either as a homeowner or a renter, within the boundaries of the NHWNC and must provide proof of residency.

b. General Stakeholder Board Members (5) – Open to Stakeholders eighteen (18) years of age or older who own a business or property, or work within the boundaries of NHWNC and provide proof of such. These positions are also open to Stakeholders who participate in a community organization such as but not limited to religious institution, educational institution, community based organization, non-profit organization, neighborhood association, school/parent group, faith based group, senior group, youth group, arts association, service organization, boys or girls club, cultural group, or environmental group within the NHWNC boundaries and provide proof of consistent, active membership of said group.

Please note: Mid-term vacancies are filled, not by election, but by the less formal process of community Q&A and Board confirmation. Please fill out an online or paper application, then print or scan the completed document and send a copy to:

Each applicant should attend upcoming General Board Meetings prepared to address the board and their fellow stakeholders. Candidates will be asked to briefly introduce themselves, and tell the assembly how they’re qualified, why they wish to serve on the NHWNC Board, and what aspect of North Hills West Neighborhood Council Board service motivates them most.

Discussion and possible action may be taken during the course of the next General Board Meeting. If one or both seats remain vacant this process will remain open to applicants until both seats are filled.”