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On Monday, July 23, 2018 the Board of Neighborhood Commissioners will be holding a Town Hall meeting to discuss the “Neighborhood Council System Reforms” motion. The meeting will at 6:00 PM at Kaiser Permanente Panorama City, Medical Office 2, Classrooms 1 & 2, 13730 Roscoe Blvd, Panorama City, CA 91402.


Before it takes a position on any or all of the matters addressed by the motion the Commission wants to get input from Neighborhood Councils throughout the city. The meeting on July 23, 2018 will be the first in a series of meetings where we will engage Neighborhood Council Board Members and stakeholders in a discussion regarding this important series of recommendtions. Please help us by publicizing this meeting.


The motion we will be considering includes the following topics:


Amending the City Charter Article IX to renaming Department of Neighborhood Empowerment (DONE) to Neighborhood Councils Department (NCD) and Board of     Neighborhood Commissioners (BONC) to Neighborhood Councils Commission (NCC)


Amending the Los Angeles Administrative Code to remove “Community Interests Stakeholder”


Amending City Charter Article IX Section 901.d and 904.f to remove any reference to “selections” and clarify that Neighborhood Council Board members will be elected


Adjusting Neighborhood Council bylaws to insure equitable distribution of Board seats


To establish uniform minimum age for voting and board membership


Adopting policies for training of Chairs and Vice-chairs of Neighborhood Council land use committees


Adopting policies to allow rollover of funds and acceptance of donations by Neighborhood Councils


Amending the Los Angeles Administrative Code to remove the expiration of the ability for Neighborhood Councils to accept in-kind or monetary donations

On costs and other implications of holding same day city wide Nationhood Council elections


To develop a process to assist Nationhood Councils to access shared space in city facilities as envisioned in Council File 16-0298


To develop an ongoing compendium of best practices generated from Neighborhood Councils and periodically share with all Neighborhood Councils


To develop a single points of contact between Neighborhood Councils and city departments


The entire motion can be found here:


We hope many of you will join in this discussion with us.


See you on Monday




Commissioner Leonard Shaffer

Board of Neighborhood Commissioners