January 2024 Councilmember John Lee, representative of the Twelfth Council District of Los Angeles, introduced a motion to begin the process of installing Automated License Plate Reader (ALPR) cameras in Council District 12. Automated License Plate Readers are tools utilized by law enforcement agencies that passively track and record vehicle license plates as they pass through specific areas.

The motion instructs the Los Angeles Police Department, the Bureau of Street Lighting, and the Los Angeles Department of Transportation to begin researching locations and methods for the installation of ALPR cameras to best assist the LAPD in their crime reduction efforts throughout Council District 12. Automated License Plate Readers can help narrow the search for vehicles tied to crimes by allowing law enforcement agencies to see patterns of behavior in the incoming and outgoing traffic of a particular neighborhood or area. The motion will transfer $500,000.00 to fund the purchase, installation, and maintenance of cameras.

In 2023, the Los Angeles Police Department’s Devonshire Division reported a 23% increase in burglaries across the entire division. Notably, the division also reported a 103% increase in burglaries in the neighborhoods located north of Rinaldi St. Utilizing modern technology like ALPR cameras gives law enforcement professionals the tools to investigate crimes more efficiently and ultimately improve public safety for residents living in Council District 12.

“Certain communities within Council District 12 have been dealing with disproportionate increases in crime for many months now,” said Councilmember John Lee. “In consulting with our law enforcement partners and city agencies, we have collectively determined that utilizing ALPR cameras in our hardest hit communities will not only help us track down criminals but also deter criminal activities from occurring to begin with.”

Los Angeles Police Department Chief Michel Moore agreed, saying, “Technology is a crucial element in advancing the safety of Los Angeles, incorporating cutting-edge technologies. I want to express my gratitude to Councilmember Lee for his support and investment in Automated License Plate Readers for the Los Angeles Police Department, which has already proven to be a successful initiative in other communities.”

This motion was seconded by Councilmember Traci Park and has been referred to the Los Angeles City Council’s Public Safety Committee. The motion was approved by City Council January 30, 2024 and shared at the State of Devonshire Meeting on January 30.

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