High Adventure First Aid incorporating ARC Emergency Medical Response 2011 on Saturdays, October 8 – November 19, 2016, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Scout leaders who are Red Cross instructors and/or E.M.T.’s are offering the American Red Cross Emergency Response Course. This course meets BSA HAT First Aider,  GSUSA Level 2 First Aider,  and DOT requirements.  This course is required for Level 3 CERT qualification.  The course will be rigorous,  considerable home reading will be required.  However,  it can be fun and includes realistic scenarios where you will decide what is wrong with the “patient” and how to handle the situation,  wether you are “in town” or miles away from an emergency room or paramedic care.  If you are a teacher in the HART School District you are eligible for three hours of professional growth credit after completing this program.  The curriculum of this course is also in accordance with the guidelines of the Wilderness Medical Society.

The $85.00 fee covers the following materials:  CPR mask,  numerous study handouts,  an Embroidered Patch,  American Red Cross Wilderness and Remote First Aid textbook,  practice bandages,  American Red Cross Wilderness and Remote First Aid Medical Response Certificates,  and High Adventure First Aid Certificates.  If you have a CPR mask,  deduct $13.00.  In addition,  you will need to buy the American Red Cross Emergency Medical Response textbook on-line.  Information about this will be given out at the first class meeting,  as you have several choices of what to buy.

In addition,  you will need a large ring binder (3″ is ideal),  paper,  pencils,  pens,  a large fanny pack or a day pack in which to keep your first aid equipment,  a wrist watch (preferably with a second hand),  and a small pen light.

Saturdays,  October 8 through November 19, 2016
9:00 am to 5:00 pm

1325 Grandview Ave
Glendale,  CA 91201
(818) 243-6282

If you are recertifying,  you only need to attend one-half of the classes (including CPR) and pass the final examination ! Cost is $50.00

Questions ?
Phone:  Marlene M. Lugg,  Dr.  P.H.
(818) 882-4526

To register:

To pay by cash or check (including Pack/Troop/Crew,  make check payable to Verdugo Hills Council-BSA),  complete the in person,  or via the attached form,  and send to the Council address above