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On behalf of our AMERICAN HEROES Air Show key volunteer team we’d like to thank you for registering to join us and meet the community Saturday NOV 12 at Hansen Dam Sports Complex.

Over the year your participation, support and guidance have been extremely helpful to us in planning and executing this uniquely diverse event.   For the many new organizations participating this year we invite you to check out our HEROES Air Show 2021 Event Yearbook.

If you have family members or associates thinking about a dynamic career in law enforcement / FIRE-EMS, military or homeland security / DOJ,  – our CODE-3 Career & Recruiting Expo is the place for them to learn about organizations’ hiring processes, heritage/mission, training & educational requirements along with the schools that offer the relevant curriculum .

Thanks for landing at the admission-free HEROES Air Show  NOV 12, 2022   #CHAIRS

Event date: Saturday, November 12 2022 Release Date: Oct 26 – 2022 Los Angeles – San Fernando Valley

AMERICAN HEROES Air Show Set to Land at Hansen Dam Recreation Center

Holding out for a Hero ? … your wait will be over when the nation’s premier admission-free aviation experience devoted to helicopters returns to Southern California.

Born in Los Angeles in 1993, the AMERICAN HEROES Air Show has never wavered from it’s mission to educate Southern California about the unique capabilities’ rotary-wing aviation delivers to law enforcement, fire service, public safety, national defense and homeland security. With helicopters on display from local, regional, state and Federal / DOD agencies, this event provides families with a rare opportunity to meet the flight crews of these diversly capable aircraft and learn about careers in law enforcement, emergency preparedness, aviation, military and homeland security while getting a first- hand understanding about why helicopters are often the first tool out of the toolbox in times of natural disasters, search & rescue operations or national security threats.

High-tech helicopters and their crews from around the region will be on static display for families to inspect plus exciting demonstrations of airborne capabilities with hoist rescues, precision water drops and special operations. Plus, have your camera ready and meet many of the Southland’s well-known celebrity / media pilots and news reporters that are often first on-scene for traffic updates and breaking news.

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Along with the high-tech helicopters, the AMERICAN HEROES Air Show welcomes aboard the Los Angeles U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) who will host a special Naturalization Ceremony where members of Southern California become our newest U.S. citizens.

“ … “It is our special privilege to partner with the USCIS on this special day when we recognize our Southern California neighbors as they recite the Oath of Allegiance and spend their first day as U.S. citizens at the AMERICAN HEROES Air Show, …”

Steve Goldsworthy, Volunteer – Event Director .

Our friends with the Professional Cars International team arrive with their “Rollin’ to the Rescue” presentation once again with a unique display of vintage police, fire and emergency vehicles as they roll into the event and set up for display throughout the day. These lovingly restored public safety vehicles arrive “CODE3” into the HEROES event site with full lights and sirens at 9:30 a.m. … have your cameras ready …. !

We welcome aboard the SoCal Rotors Association as our Legacy Sponsor for the CODE3 Career & Recruiting Expo where teams from law enforcement, Fire / EMS, government service, Homeland Security and military are on-scene to profile their application process, training programs and offer information on dynamic careers in public safety fields. Guests looking for the on-ramp to dynamic careers in public safety can learn about Criminal Justice / Public Safety / Emergency Preparedness classes from a host of colleges and universities that are on-scene..

The HEROES event team also welcomes the LAFD Historical Society who will roll out their restored BELL 47G helicopter. Not flown in nearly 40 years, this iconic aircraft ushered in the era of airborne firefighting for many fire departments around the nation … this aerial fire-fighting legend is on static display throughout the day !

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Looking for a mission on the ground ? – this event brings together a diverse group of non- profit organizations who join us each year to profile their mission of support for active- duty military, Veterans, first-responders and animal care / rescue in the community.

It’s a full day of educational excitement that includes static displays and tactical / Helo demonstrations by many of Southern California’s legendary helicopter recue / military and EMS crews along with mission briefings.

We invite families to join us to meet the local Heroes they can really look up to … and learn about careers they can really rely on … !

AMERICAN HEROES Air Shows are produced at sites from coast to coast by volunteers with a passion for public service & aviation. Always admission-free, our events are dedicated to educating the community, media and public officials about the unique capability’s rotary-wing aviation delivers every day to communities across our nation.


We invite our guests to share what they learn at the AMERICAN HEROES Air Show via our social media hashtags #CAHEROES #SOUNDofSERVICE

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2022 Saturday, November 12
9 am to 4 pm FREE Admission & Parking

Hansen Dam Recreation Center San Fernando Valley 11480 Foothill Blvd
Lake View Terrace, California 91342

Exit the Foothill (210) Freeway at Osborne & turn South Review our website for event details, schedules and info on convenient remote parking / shuttle service

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