thumbnail of September 21, 2017 NHWNC GBM

C.E.M.P.  NPG,  Agenda item 13

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New Horizons – Walk on the Horizon NPG,  Agenda item 14

September 21, 2017 General Board Meeting Agenda






















Mayall Academy NPG,  Agenda item 15

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Valley Alliance of Neighborhood Councils (VANC)  NPG,  Agenda # 16

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15-Bed Congregate Living Health Facility
with 6 Parking Stalls located at 16052 W. Chase St
Agenda item 18

Chase Street Plans

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Proposal by City officials to increase appeal fees for planning and land use appeals
Agenda item 19
Council File here:




Parking Reform / Technology to Reduce Street Sweeping Tickets,
Agenda item 20
Council File here: