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Agenda item # 8

Law Enforcement and Community Auto Theft Prevention Public Awareness Programs:

The Law Enforcement Affairs Division of Winner International has served and assisted in many successful police and community auto theft prevention initiatives throughout the United States and Canada.

Winner International is dedicated to supporting police departments in these programs. We proudly assist in public and private partnerships with law enforcement, their communities, and related community alliances regarding the costly crime of vehicle theft and how to avoid it.

These programs focus on the effectiveness of public proactivity and the use of visible deterrents such as the Club® in the battle against vehicle theft The Auto Theft Task Force Club® (Model #504) is manufactured exclusively for law enforcement and community use in these Education and Prevention programs. This Yellow vinyl covered lock is highly visible due to its bright color and is imprinted with “Auto Theft Task Force” on the shaft of the device.

Listed below are some examples:

Pilot Program: Target a particular area of the community where motor vehicle theft is of the most concern. Police will distribute educational printed material and the distribution of The Club®. Police will urge them to use The Club® because this program will be monitored over a period of “X” amount of days. After a minimum of 90 days the success, effectiveness, and results of this pilot can be evaluated and then announced to the community through a public press conference or forum.

Community Public Event: Hold an event such as a Watch Your Car/HEAT registration, VIN window etching, or a Crime/Auto Theft Safety Fair to tie in with a Club® distribution.

High Target Vehicle List: Determine the high targeted/high profile vehicles that are prone to theft in your community based on Police statistics. Officers would carry some Clubs with them in their patrol cars. When an officer sees one of these cars during their watch, they could address the citizen and explain to them that their vehicle is a high profile target, provide them with educational printed material, give them a Club® and urge them to use it.

Restitution: When a victim of auto theft comes into the agency to retrieve their recovered vehicle, the department would provide them with educational printed material and a Club®, urging them to use it and follow the anti-theft guidelines so as to avoid becoming a victim again.

The most important common thread in these examples is that they are all proactive in their approach in the effort to combat motor vehicle theft. Public/private citizen groups and alliances such as Neighborhood/Block Watch, Crime Free Multi Housing/multi-family property partners, Crime Stoppers, homeowner and neighborhood associations, local and county housing authorities, etc., are also eligible partners to join in these proactive efforts in their communities.

TARGET, DESIRE, OPPORTUNITY…these are the 3 main factors needed for a crime to occur. If we can help eliminate the opportunity, a citizen’s chances of becoming a victim is reduced a hundred-fold.

Though these agendas may differ, the goals are similar… to help in the reduction and prevention of auto theft and auto theft crimes. Should you have any questions or require more information as to how your agency or alliance can implement this type of initiative in your cities or neighborhoods please contact our Law Enforcement Affairs Division to further discuss.




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Agenda item # 16

A statewide ballot initiative called the “Reducing Crime and Keeping California Safe Act of 2018” has been submitted to the Attorney General for title and summary.  This initiative will enact a broad swath of critical reforms including preventing the early release of violent offenders, holding serial thieves accountable, reinstating DNA collection for a number of misdemeanor crimes and repairing the state parole system.

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