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Agenda item # 10: Community Impact Statement (CIS)

The City’s Resiliency Plan tasks Neighborhood Councils with producing emergency preparedness plans for their communities.                                       So far, the city has offered little or no help, financial or otherwise, for these projects.                                                                                                                 The Neighborhood Council Emergency Preparedness Alliance believes that help with these projects could be forth- coming                                              if the city’s Emergency Management Dept. were properly funded and staffed.

The Peer City Emergency Preparedness Programs Budget Comparison (FY2021-22) on page 7 of the Controller’s Report                                            shows the funding disparity between Los Angeles and other comparable jurisdictions.”.
Community Impact Statement (CIS) in SUPPORT of Council File                                                                                                                                              (CF) 22-1258 Emergency Preparedness / Emergency Operations Plan / City of Los Angeles

Community Impact Statement wording:
“The NHW Neighborhood Council views with concern the historic underfunding of the Emergency Management Dept                                                     and calls on the city of Los Angeles to fund the Los Angeles Emergency Management Department adequately,                                                                       as per the recommendations included in the October 20, 2022 report from City Controller Ron Galperin.”


Report from outgoing City Controller Ron Galperin
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Agenda item # 14
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Agenda item # 15

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