To open the current Bylaws,  click on the cover page below:
Note that the verbal boundary description and map are being updated.
Also, there have been several Bylaws change requests approved and submitted by the NC
That are awaiting BONC review and possible approval to be included 

thumbnail of NHWNC Approved Bylaws 6.7.2022

Above is a pdf of the most recent approved bylaws,
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Click below for prior version bylaws:

NHWNC Approved Bylaws 11122020

NHWNC Approved Bylaws 07312020

NHWNC Approved Bylaws 08012018

NHWNC Approved Bylaws 06-30-2017



The latest version of the Standing Rules follows below

Similar to Bylaws, click on the cover page to access the full document
Last updated 4/14/2024
Prior versions, following below the current Standing Rules, are included for convenience.
As well as additional related information









“The following Standing Rules were last updated at the October 20,  2022 General Board Meeting.”

To open the current Standing Rules,  scroll up and click on link above or the cover page:
thumbnail of NHWNC Standing Rules 2022-10-20



Prior approved Standing Rules



The following is the Neighborhood Council Board Member Code of Conduct Policy
All serving Board Members are required to read and sign it,  signifying that they understand it

Approved by the Board of Neighborhood Commissioners effective March 31, 2018

thumbnail of Code of Conduct, NCs

Approved by the Board of Neighborhood Commissioners on 9/15/2014

thumbnail of NC Code of Conduct.


The following is the Board of Neighborhood Commissioners Code of Civility
Approved 1-27-14

thumbnail of CODE OF CIVILITY



thumbnail of NHWNC Board Application