The North Hills West Neighborhood Council holds Monthly Committee Meeting(s) at New Horizons every first Monday of the month. The meetings will begin at 6 pm and will end by 9:00 pm All Committees that need to meet will do so in one evening, with a 5 minute break between Committees. Agendas will be sent out at least 72 hours in advance which will state which committees will be meeting that month, and confirming location.1st Monday of every month at 6pm

New Horizons – Sam’s Cafe: 15725 Parthenia St., North Hills, CA 91343

Also offering remote teleconferencing option via Zoom
Details will be clearly marked on each agenda

Alternative Committee physical meeting locations include:

Mid-Valley Regional Library 16244 Nordoff  ( must end before 8 PM )

Fire Station # 87 10124 Balboa Blvd,  park in the lot North of the station,  enter via doors to the South side of Station.

Please consult the posted Committee agenda for location verification:

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