Ad Hoc Committees meet as necessary, notification/posting identical to Standing Committees.
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Ad Hoc Board Retreat Committee:
Punam Gohel – Chair, Carol Hart, Dave Brown – Alternate Member

Ad Hoc Executive Committee:
Madlena Minasian – Chair, Pat Crone, Maggie Elliot, Dave Brown-Alternate Member

Ad Hoc Homelessness Committee:
Kreshell Ramey

Ad Hoc Legislative Affairs Committee:
Madlena Minasian Co-Chair, Anita Goldbaum Co-Chair, Carol Hart, Linda Erdman

Ad Hoc Parking Committee:
Linda Erdman Co-Chair, Pat Crone Co-Chair

Madlena Minasian, Punam Gohel alternate

Madlena Minasian, Maggie Elliott alternate, Dave Brown alternate

CIS filers:
Madlena Minasian, Linda Erdman, Dave Brown, Carol Hart

Neighborhood Council Sustainability Alliance
Carol Hart

Ad Hoc Retreat Agendas

Ad Hoc Education Agendas

Ad Hoc Parking Agendas

Ad Hoc Retreat Minutes

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