These are Six Goals of the Council System

The purpose of the Neighborhood Council can best be summarized by the implementing of the six goals laid out by the Los Angeles City “Plan” for Neighborhood Councils. Excerpts from these goals and objectives are:

  1. To promote public participation in city governance and decision making processes
  2. To promote better interaction and communication between all local councils regarding common or separate concerns
  3. To facilitate delivery of city services to help solve the neighborhood councils local concerns
  4. To ensure equal opportunity to all certified councils to participate in the government’s decision making process
  5. To create an environment in which all people can direct their own councils in accordance with standards set by themselves
  6. To encourage people within the community to express their own ideas and opinions about their neighborhoods and their government

During the original “forming process,” everyone was proud to say that they had taken the points expressed above directly to those in the community, and the response had been overwhelming. The meetings had higher attendance per capita by population than most other councils in the San Fernando Valley, of which, they were and still are very proud.